A Truly False Dilemma


Dr. H. Felix is hung over by drinking too much wine with his religious friends. So today I, EChumly, get to fill in this blank computer screen in front of me. Actually I found some notes haphazardly written by Dr. H. Felix while the Dr. consumed a vat of wine. Not vast amounts of wine. A vat of wine. Which I guess can be considered pretty vast.

To try to explain this lesson in unreality vs reality is like Lucy Riccardo explaining her TV antics. Nothing may or maybe something will make sense. The theory is that there can be more than two choices in a dilemma. A false dilemma only has two choices. Which is false. There are situations in life that require a (Yes) or (No) answer. The dilemma is in the answer —(maybe)—. There was once only 2 genders. Male and female. The false dilemma is that there is more. Unfortunately no matter how one defines themselves. There are really only 2 basic choices. Unexpectedly some men want to be women and some women want to be men. There may be surgery involved but in the end the result is either now the man is a woman or the woman is now a man. Still 2 genders no matter what switch was pulled by the surgeon.

When growing up a parent may ask her son. Jeremy did you kick your sister in her groin area after she kicked you in your groin area? Not a lot of reality answers may be explained. More probable is a bunch of bullshit unreality answers may be pooped out by Jeremy. No matter the answer is: Yes the kicking and re-kicking occurred or it did not. The result is not going to be good for either kicker.

This is a simple explanation. Mankind wants more leverage. This graces the human race with creating an abundance of theories. The theory is either proven or it is not proven. The false theory dilemma. In theory the sun is the center of the universe. In theory the world is not flat. In theory Melanie will get the rose on the Bachelor. Yes. There are an abundance of other choices but those choices are limited to the situation or life experience being life experienced. You go left you live. You go right, not too many other options. If the reader does not believe this then ask the camp guard. Note to the younger readers. Forget about the last few lines it was way before your time.

The proof for this reality vs unreality lesson is that ……………….

The notes Dr. H. Felix wrote kind of end here. The rest of the paper, written on, has drool and other bodily fluids creeping all over it, thus smearing the ink. Thus ending my desire to touch anything else. Especially the contaminated paper. Thus thus thus that was,,, and still is,,, left in the Doctors office after the wine party. The paper was found in Dr. H. Felix’s mouth because it was later explained. Dr. H. Felix thought of and wrote something one could sink their teeth into.

Session One To be Chapter 32 or not to be chapter 32.

Recorded by EChumly liking the red not the white wine.

Making Cents

In order to make cents sometimes you have to make sense. Then again some people make more cents by not making sense at all. This is the reality or unreality of finance in making sense or nonsense into cents. This is a quote from Myer a visitor to the reality unreality clinic hosted by Dr. H. Felix.

Myer had a problem. He is 86 years old and was trying to use a computer. Myer did everything he thought made sense. It did not work. Then Myer thought maybe if I do everything on this computer that does not make sense I can get this computer to work. Myer did that and now his computer works like a luxury Ocean Liner slipping through the ocean on the way to the Bahamas. Myer was not trying to make cents by using his sense or nonsense on his computer. He just wanted to play solitaire.

Then by accident one day Myer did something on his computer and ended up with stock for a gaming company. He made a quick fortune. Realizing his mistake he panicked; sold his stock and made more money. Since then Myer has stuck to only playing solitaire while cruising on his yacht that takes him to the Bahamas every summer. Which does not make any sense because he owns a island near Hawaii. Myer explains he still tries to make sense of things and fails. When he tries to not make sense of anything he succeeds. Its like the Holocaust during WWII. A guy named Hitler thought it made sense to kill all those people in camps made to eliminate them from the face of the earth. Now there is a place for them and they are thriving in a desert of all places. For 70 years the Queen of England thought she did everything she could that made sense for her country. She died and now every relative of hers are making no sense at all. So, the future of England is looking pretty grand. That is if the sense vs nonsense theory really does work. Thus ends another whatever story recorded by EChumly.

Session 1 A Chapter 39 of sense and sensibility.

Ed The Jew

One of the residents at the Unreality Clinic Hospital etc. is named Ed. Ed is confused with his reality because of his Polish parents that call him Edjue. Not sure if that is the Polish spelling. Ed’s brothers and sisters and other relatives always made fun of Edjue. Sometimes they would say his name sounded like a sneeze. Ed juchoo. Ed would be so confused he would not know whether to say I’m here or God Bless you. If Edjue said he was here of course they would say they sneezed. If Edjue said God Bless you they would say they were looking for him. Either way Edjue was confused and lived in a relative unreality existence at home. Then when Ed went to school and his mother introduced him to the teacher as Edjue, the children heard it and thought his mom introduced him as Ed the Jew. This was a Catholic school and confused Ed even more. Every Easter the children would blame him for Jesus getting crucified. Which is why Ed hated this holiday. The Easter Bunny did give him candy and did not pay attention that he was Ed the Jew. When Ed grew up he kept his middle name and dropped Ed. Equipped with a this new name he told everyone he was Irish. Unfortunately Ed’s middle name was Stanislas thus his new name and identity did not work as well as Ed now Stanislas intended. So the unreality of his existence is still a problem. He thought of trying Igor the Mohawk, but that is seemingly another unrealistic endeavor.

Session one Edjue Chapter 38

A God Bless EChumly recorded


Lest our brains lead us astray into realms of delusional fictional thinking, in a nonfictional world.

The lessons Dr. H. Felix tries to teach are of course not lessons at all. The Dr. has called these lessons lesions at times. Delusions that defies the truth but cannot ever scale the heights of reality. People believe what they want to believe. If shown the truth some people will swear it is a lie, fake alternative news. On the flip side, of course, if shown a lie some people will swear it is the truth, fake alternative news. It is a matter of foggy slanted perception. The grey zone is the zone where acknowledgement is shut away and unlit.

Where are the normal freaks of nature? Under the mulberry bushes amid a pocket full of posies.


Sometime ago in a time ago that led up to the sum of seconds. Puffery Silas was looking at the sky. What is beyond the blue sky thought Puff. I see clouds sometimes. I see sky without clouds. The sky without the clouds is what I wonder what is behind….them. While this was reverberating in Puff’s mind. Puff fell asleep. Slumbering hours later Puff woke up to see a dark sky. Wow. Behind the blue sky is a dark sky. Then beyond the dark sky are little tiny things I will call stars. Why stars? My mother and father told me about stars when I was a child. Up until now I had just forgotten about them. What is beyond the stars? Puff looked and looked but could not see anything else. Puff fell asleep again and woke up looking again at a blue sky. Beyond the dark skies and the stars is the blue sky. Now is not that interesting? To some, no that is not interesting. Interests are like the numerous stars, in that they are numerous.

Therefore behind multiple blue skies are multiple dark skies behind multiple stars behind multiple blue skies behind……well something that may be called infinity? Maybe. The dark skies are behind the stars ands the stars are behind the blue skies. Maybe just maybe that mushroom I ate was something not to be digested? Maybe it was that the mushroom was the best thing I have ever eaten? Is it a matter of perception or digestion? I feel it is raining and if I stay out I will get very wet. Then if I stay out when the sun comes back out I will get very dry! If i were an f. I would have a larger nose. Whatever. I am sure the mushroom has something to do with this session of reality and unreality messing’s.

Session One Chapter what the f 37.

Echumly recording… Yes, it was the mushroom for sure.

The second half of 27.

Connect to me.

Dr. H. Felix was playing with a jump rope. The reality of some people is that all and everything is connected. Everyone gets a jump rope and then everyone is told to—-jump—–the rope. This is where the connection ends. Not everyone is willing or wants to—–jump—–the rope. Still scientits have a theory that everything in the universe is connected. I, as a billionaire doctor, believe that everything (((wants))) to be connected. Humans want to belong to something. Not all humans connect in good way. Some humans tend to kill, hurt, or screw with other peoples brains making them go insane. Insanity always is defeated by sanity. Sanity wants to isolate, destroy or lock up *Insanity*. If one is sane and has an ^in^ in their sanity. OOPS!

The need to connect.

The need to connect to thinking alike humans. Connecting things to color or size or place of birth. Is one a fish or a monkey? Monkey brain sushi. Unreality says that the theory of connecting or wanting to connect is not always true. As a Doctor that visited a monk on a very high mountain top. The monk greeted my exhausting climb by asking me, “Do you have an extra coat? It is cold up here?” That was not a connection but a request to keep unconnected and warm.

Reality and unreality become entangled if everyone was connected. Imagine everyone had a string and the string wanted to be tied on to each and every thing. Once the string was tied; the result is one hell of a tangle of string and everything else tied to it. Another theory is that everyone is connected by this string and it works if no one moves. Yeah! Right!!!

Dr. H. Felix ended by putting these thought in a pocket and then took a nap. Where that nap was taken no one knows but the dream.

Session One Chapter #Yawn# 36.

EChumly jumping his own rope.



In 2022 not a day went by without some news about Former Pres. D. Trump.


Dr. Happy Felix was trying to fit everything into one schedule. The problem was there was only one schedule and an infinite number of work, thoughts, ideas, sleep, eating, drinking, bathing, bath rooming, having sex, things to do, things not to do, things that were did to be redid, and on and on. The reality of priorities is that trying to prioritize every day of one’s life is unreal. If one does everything planned……,,,,,,, then where is the room for the unplanned things?

Having said this the Dr. then tore up the schedule and is now mellowing in a hammock drinking an alcoholic beverage and smoking the medical reefer the Dr. prescribed to the Doctor.

EChumly jointly sharing session one chapter 35.

You Have Been Blocked

Dr. H. Felix likes to read about the news or hear it from Alexiae. The Dr. says Good morning to Alexiae and then a news report comes on. Sort of like a quick briefing. Alexiae lives in a little box and can be bought like a NY Hooker. Alexiae was a real person at one time. She looked deeply into her mirror one day. Looked herself right in the eye and mind spoke to herself saying. & I have one tough act to follow &. Realizing she was talking to herself. She then began analyzing what she said and now lives in many boxes throughout the planet earth.

The thing is war is a very unreal undertaking. (((Whisper to yourself this is another Session 1))) . When reading a news paper, listening to the news or even watching the unraveling of life. One can just put the paper down. Turn off the Radio, TV, Computer, I-Pad, Tablet, Desk Top, or mind. The war news is folded aside. The war is not now existing as if it never was or is. Would this be a nice reality? The fact is in a war people actually die and are buried, or their bodies removed. People watch them be gone and usually think. ****This is Unreal**** The wounded or survivors think. I wish this was unreal. So war then fantasized or not marches on.

Wow. I announced my thoughts to the Dr. expressing my own thoughtfulness. Dr. H. Felix showed me a unburned red face and scolded me violently. !!!!!!Damn it you ruined my inward thinking!!!!!! >>> I should bash your brain in and kick you hemorrhoids in deeper >>>.

Sometimes silence makes for a lasting peace. Sometimes not listening makes it worse.

Session One War ends in this chapter then starts up again.

Recorded by EChumly as Session 1 Chapter 34


Dr. H. Felix was watching ants adding small pieces of dirt making an ant hill. Humans are like ants. Humans will seek out all sorts of things and lay them on their backs and minds to haul them. Mostly humans like to put negative things in their minds. Paranoia, self doubt, feelings of in adequacy, negative physical looks, and all sorts of stuff like what are people saying and thinking about me. Humans need new junk. New cars, the handsomest man, the prettiest sexy woman. Lots of money and anything else to burden their mindless ant hills. Soon their thoughts can end up crushing them. Now if humans would learn to lighten up. Take some self doubt off their back, or cut back on negative thinking. Maybe they would be light enough and grow wings and fly up and be free. If not soon a gardener will take some chemical and destroy the ant hill. Alas! Humans are not like ants. Ants will continue to labor until they die. If one ant hill is destroyed another hill will arise. If there is no home insurance, disability check, or lawyer willing to take their money and replenish exuberant claims. No more ant hill. Which is kind of an unreal thought. Humans have recovered from war, diseases, natural disasters and rebuilt. Still mental negative layers keep cutting back their wings.

Then one of the ants bit the exposed skin on the leg of the Dr. What happened next is too disturbing to retell to any man, woman, child or insect.

Session One Tiny Chapter 33 biting thought.

Pick up sticks

Dr. H. Felix began talking about: Pick Up Sticks. Apparently it was some sort of game that was played when children played. One would throw down a bunch of sticks then pick them up without moving the other sticks or a certain stick. I am not sure. Dr. H. Felix was a little vague on the rules. While, I EChumly, recorded this conversation the Dr. of course stumbled onto a reality liaison.

Pick up sticks are in all games associated with or without reality involved. A war devastates a city. The people pick up the sticks carefully and rebuild the once fallen city. Trying not to disturb any bombs that are still not exploded. It takes a bit of time but the bombs eventually get cleared and a new safer, we hope , city emerges. A romantic interest falls short and emotional pick up sticks are dashed and picked up again. Trying not to disturb any emotional bombs that may be triggered again. Sometimes the game ends after the first loss. Other times the game is renewed and the results end up winning a relationship, friendship, marriage, divorce or an episode on !Romance and Murder! on the Discovery Channel. Mental and physical Pick Up Sticks are thrown down when disabilities in the mind and body must be rebuilt somehow. These sticks are picked up gingerly so not to disturb the neurons or bones, muscles, sinews, (whatever they are) or whatever in order to win.

The unreality is: that, makes, the this, and what, happens, when humanity feels the rules must change to shorten the game. Pick up Sticks are made to look like strong wooden sticks. A bit like toothpicks but bigger and stronger. What happens is that people want to save money, time or just get lazy and pick up any thing that resembles a stick. A Maple leaf stick, a stick that looks like a cane, or a stick just laying about that has been discarded by nature. That is – a lying stick that is basically a lie for a stick. Thus the rebuilding of sticks usually crumble as all sticks are moved or disturbed.

Excuse me Dr. H. Felix. This talk on reality and unreality is starting to sound a little sermon like.

Well. As I was traveling about in my Dr. H. Felix body, I happened to see an old friend Ben Dictine. He was now a priest. We drank a lot of wine. Wine makes priests sermonize. Why? After a wedding the first, sorta priests, were told,: ***When the old wine runs out preach the better wine until that runs out***.

Who told you that Dr. H. Felix? Father Ben Dictine my friend who became a priest. I remember because I said “Jesus” after he told me that. Then Father Ben Dictine burped out, # exactly#.

Session One Holy Holy Holy Chapter 31.

Leveling Existence

Dr. H. Felix talks about a client that tried to fit in so much. She misfit all over the place. Her name Lizaria Shadows. The reality to fitting in is another unreal undertaking. It all started at Lizaria’s birth. Trauma of existence. Out in the world Lizaria did not know why are there so many experiences happening at once? How does one learn, fit in, survive a life? Act.

Acting by using her environment. Acting the way people expected one to act in a multiple of given situations. Communicating, feelings bubbling up in brain and body. Pain, confusion, happiness, well being, repeat sleep, awake repeat. Liziaria is many personality orders. Not disorders. When Lizaria feebly staggered into a social scene. Liziaria would access, observe, formulate, then emerge to act what was required. For example. In a gym. Liziaria was a pretend athlete. Learning the language and persona of all that an athletic compass pointed to. She had a church personality. There was a classroom person that sunk into all subjected subjects. Fitting in like a shadow caught in some artificial light. Liziaria leveled her existence to characterizations of various roles in her life. Her last name was Shadow and her life’s protection was being a shadow.

As time dwelled on. Lizaria slipped off the stage a few times. Acting the wrong way in a misinterpreted reality. She became a bumbling bee seeking flowers that were elusive in providing nectar.

I will just be myself thought Liziaria. It was too late. Lizaria had many self’s for many self’s. What one should she emerge as Lizaria?

There Dr. H. Felix paused and stared off into a Dr. H. Felix brain sideline. I, EChumly, finally asked the Doctor the question. “What happened to Lizaria”?” Last time I saw her she was happily drinking, having sex and doing some drugs. She was soaring with a bunch of people wearing flower colored clothing. Lizaria was dancing, twirling and singing to all sorts of music. What caused her to do that my Good Dr. H. Felix? Lizaria crawled out of herself saw her shadow and decided six more months of nonsense Then maybe, if her shadow goes away. Six months of multiple mirrors.

Another slushy session one and self full-filling chapter 30.

Recorded by EChumly this Saint Rice Crispi an Day.