Name Haters

I do not like my first name. It is Ed. This is also the name of an affliction that frustrates older men. When I think about this I also remember my first sexual experience. I vividly remember how angry she was when she spewed out, “I said a rubber not plastic wrap!” I also remember the cut I got when cutting the plastic wrap. Those things on the box are very sharp.

Remember your first experience with sex. Most people I talk to don’t. They are the ones that get those afflictions of frustration. Such is life. Laughable laughable living thru experiences. Experiences that embarrass the hell out of us. Yet. We have got to have them. Like the last experience I had when I prayed to God to get a truck. I bought a new car then kept complaining I should have gotten a truck instead. So ask and you shall receive. I asked and received a car accident that totaled my car. With the money I got from the accident I got my truck. Since I financed my destroyed new car. I did not get much back. So I got my truck that has over 200,000 miles on it. Why? Because my name is Ed. Who ever says God does not have a sense of humor, be careful. Just a quick note. A sternum that hits the steering wheel and the accident bag. Hurts for a very long time after it is fractured.

What is the worst that can happen?

Never ever say the title of this article. If you do. The worst will happen. I can attest to this by the following happenings. December 10, 2020. The year is almost over and Christmas is almost here, “What is the worst that can happen.” December 11, 2020. A pick up truck hit me solidly on the passenger side of my mid size car. Totaled car and sent me to the hospital. In the hospital I was feeling pain but was walking and still in a little bit of shock. I express to my daughter, she took me to the hospital because I thought I did not need an ambulance, I’m not too bad what is the worst that could happen when they check me out? The x-ray results. Fractured ribs and sternum. Multiple bruises and possible kidney damage. A concussion was also affirmed. Recovery time 3 to 4 months. No more driving until then and allergic to pain medication so good luck. My daughter then takes me home as I walk up the steps I again say, “Thank God that is over what is the worst that can happen now?” On taking the last of 4 steps leading to my home entrance I trip and fall. Add another month to recover. Since then I have not spoken a word to anyone. So please never ever say those worst that can happen words. Ever! One more thing. Happy New Year! What is the best that can happen?

Obvious Oblivious Oblivion

Birth, learning, Death. This is the E=mc2 for existence.

Everything that exists has had a beginning. Rocks, plants, trees, rivers, oceans, insects, life in water, animals, birds, and finally humans. Of course there is more that birth expanded as in the universe and endless stars.

After birth. Learning to breathe, eat, crawl, walk and survive. Questing mankind began looking for answers to everything. Imagining then creating, and inventing; which resulted from the curiosity of everything. Thinking man even thirsted for the knowledge of all the abstract things that emitted while formulating thoughts, ideas, emotions, and exploring the five or more senses of sensibility. Information collected is being passed on to the future generations of living things. Everything evolved with the accumulation of experience. Unfortunately after centuries upon centuries. The answer to everything questioned. Resulted in alluding all the searching of learning.

Death and time erased most discoveries. What seems important today usually is lost in tomorrows. Mans negative side thirsts more for destruction, greed, wars and frustration lacking answers. The tree of life grows the most wonderful fruit of fruits. Yet. Each time humanity tries to grasp these fruits. The branches pull away the delicious experience. Life ends up in oblivion devoured by death.

Through the experience of this year,
Be of Good Cheer!
Try not to think of the worse.
Keep love and goodness on your course.
Always finish with this rhyme,
Happy Christmas time!

A thousand years from now there may be a different poem.

Love Lasts Forever; Withholding love Lasts Infinitely longer.

When swearing in no one thought the new President would actually swear.

President: Is this microphone on? President then pauses for 30 seconds.

President: Is anyone listening? President pauses again for 30 seconds.

President: One Nation. President pauses for 10 seconds.

President: Under God. President pauses for 10 seconds.

President: Indivisible. President pauses for 10 seconds.

President: With Liberty and Justice. President pauses for 10 seconds.

President: For all. President pauses for 30 seconds.

President: What the (Adult rated explicative) happened?

President: Did you just hear the message? Or. Tense 10 seconds pause.

President: Did you only hear me use a vulgar word? 10 Second pause.

President: I hope you heard and will react to both. (Slight pause).

President: Many elected Presidents stood up before and spoke addressing you with many words over the decades. Few heard the message. No one heard any vulgar words. Yet! Some elected Presidents did vulgar things while in office. As did many citizens also expressed vulgar things to each other. (Slight pause) What do you want? Is it One Nation under God indivisible with liberty and Justice for all?

Audience: Quiet and no response as if in shock.

President: When you decide. Let me know. Until then this microphone will be turned off. President turns off microphone and walks away from podium.

Stunned audience remains quiet and confused. Then very quietly in silence disperses slowly.

Do not forget to Vote.

Do not forget after you vote.


In the book of “The Fictional Truth of UFO’s.” There is the story of two soldiers picking up the broken pieces of an Alien crashed space craft. The crash was in Roswell New Mexico. The first soldier comments: Wow. I got this piece of spacecraft and it cannot be scratched, cut, broken, or burnt. We tried to shoot it, blow it up and freeze it. It is just not destructible. The second soldier ponders. If that is so. Why are we picking up pieces of this indestructible Space Craft. Should not the ship still be whole and not scattered all over?

The Creator of the Universe has a strange sense of humor. He gave man free will. Man uses this gift by imagining he too is immortal or indestructible. Over the centuries leaders of mankind think they are Gods themselves and cannot ever be replace. Suddenly they succumb to extensive living underground after their demise. Leader after leader rotted away and became part of the earthworm feasts. Still. Leader after King or President, even TV Church Preachers never learned the lesson of becoming gone. Having the free will to lead people and enjoy the rewards of being a Dictator, Despot or Evil incarnate. The lesson should be learned that the final payoff of Free Will is Death. Therefore peace, kindness, love and gentleness toward our neighbors and others should be better than war, destruction, hate or positive instead of negative goals in the long sentence of life.

“Close your eyes and try to imagine seeing yourself in a mirror.” The teacher tells her class of brand new students, they are experiencing their first day in school. (Before Pandemic Crap happened). The reason you close your eyes is because when your eyes are open you cannot see your face. The teacher continues, “You have looked in a mirror and found out that is how you look. Now open your eyes and look at everyone in the classroom. You see them. They see you. The thing is no one can see themselves. Unless there is a mirror we can look into. Unfortunately there is not always a mirror around. What happens is that each person depends on the other person to tell them how they look; because there is no way to see themselves. So ask someone you see to tell you what you look like. You might be told you are a boy or girl. Tall or short. Fat, slim or medium built. Have blue, brown or green eyes. Black, brown or blond hair. Two eyes, a nose, mouth, legs, hands and feet. If you are black, white, yellow, green, blue, brown or aqua. What that means is people can see what you look like on the outside. Just looking at you they cannot tell you how you feel, taste, experience, hear, see or think. It is that simple.

Yet. People grow older and think they can tell you how to think. How to love. How to fit in. How to grow. How to do everything one can imagine one can do. It will drive a person crazy. When that happens close your eyes. Say your name to yourself. No matter what you determine your name to be. That is who you will be. If your name is Joe you will be a happy Joe, a sad Joe, a clean Joe or smelly Joe. If your name is Sally you will be a pretty Sally, a smart Sally, a funny Sally. This will be you each and every second of your Joe or Sally life. Somedays you will have a good day. Other days not so good. You will learn all different kinds of feelings and emotions. You will gain things and meet people. You will lose things and some people you will never see again. Now. Say to yourself. “I love me.” Now pick the love that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy and safe. Put your arms around your body and give yourself a great big hug. Say again I love me and I am special. Now when anyone tells you you are ugly, stupid, or a terrible unwanted person. Close you eyes. Say I love me. Give your self a hug. Then open your eyes and tell that person. “Screw YOU!” That person will close their eyes. Say to themselves I love me. Give themselves a hug. Open their eyes and say. “Screw YOU!” Then give them a hug and they will give you a hug. Smile, laugh, and then love them as you would love and hug yourself. “Now then,” the Teacher instructs, “Open your eyes and let us begin to learn what will be served at this wonderful banquet table we call life.”

Lost In – Difference

A Black US Citizen is walking down the street carrying an AK-47. The black man has his hands in the air. Dozens of police cars pass him by and do nothing. This is the definition of Fiction.

2020 has been so bad what could possibly be worse in 2021? God sends a retribution on mankind and wipes everyone out to start over again. There are now 3 Pandemics instead of one. Aliens from several distant planets decide to conquer earth before earth conquers them. Madonna and Justin Bieber do an Album together and win a Grammy. The Documentary on the Life of President Trump wins an Oscar. Adolph Hitler is alive and well and has been living in Hoboken, NJ. Sadly thus is my wishful thinking of all the good things that could happen in 2021. And I am an Optimist.

I was sitting on my butt watching the rain come down. I was relaxing and enjoying the peacefulness’ of that tranquil moment. All this while the Milky Way Galaxy was unaware of the existence of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The intrusions that effect life are wars, anger, hate, violence, jealousy. murder, and any thing that can eliminate or upset the peaceful flow of life. What war has been started because a neighbor actually loved their neighbor? I am not talking about a man and women living next door to deciding to to have an affair. Thus ending another of the 10 commandments. Is it a basic fact that in order for mankind to exist they must eliminate anything that is different? Or maybe Indifferent or Undifferent? I should just sit in the rain with my thoughts. I can then be all wet like every existing so called intelligent living entity.

While I am writhing in my writing. A garbage truck just came to pick up my garbage. Sadly all the garbage I carry around inside me is still here.

No Rifle Association

The NRA is now the No Rifle Association formerly the National Rifle Association. As you can see changed its name. The reason for keeping the N.R.A. letters is to not to spend extra monies on T-Shirts, or other items the N.R.A. logo is on. This way the NRA is still the NRA. Just thought you may like to know and appreciate this information. Not much more to say. Go read something else if you want. My Riding Lawn Mower MRLM broke when I kinda ran into a ditch. I did not get hurt. So we are done here. Have a push mower so can’t write as much. Takes more time to mow the grass or lawn. Whatever you call what you mow, walk or picnic on. Ok!

No life matters all the time.

Well people sometimes raise their hands, stomp their feet, scream loudly and try to grab attention when feeling obscure.

The question is: “What life matters and when”?

During war. The enemies life does not matter.

Life does not matter to someone inside a “Clique” since outside is nonexistent. This includes groups, neighborhoods, cities, countries, nations, planets and colors.

This is controversial since there are exceptions. Some are inclusive. Resulting in what their definition of “inclusive” is. Finances, behaviors, religion, geography, physical build, age, or well you fill in what is acceptable and not acceptable to you or your group.

What animals matter? The fuzzy ones? The loveable ones, pet ones, endangered ones, nonendangered ones, two legged ones, four legged ones, flying ones? When there are too many the hunted ones fear for their lives? Of course the animals we eat live for us to live.

There is so much life in the sea. Their lives also matter as long as there is something humans can rape and kill them. Usually sea life is needed for useful people stuff. Sorry reap not rape.

Insect life. Stepped on, swatted, poisoned, burned, drowned, eradicated those miserable diseased miniature “pests”.

Then there is God, A Higher Power, Buddha, Mohammed, or a really important something that emaciates humans when they get out of line or increase too much. Plagues, wars, floods, fires, pandemics, Dictators, Leaders of Countries, or Congress and Senators. All these usually take out the poor first. Eventually an earthquake tumbles the rich and they drown in the ocean.

There are examples of when life really does matter. It does not last long. There are respites in history or in the continuum of time. A small ant from time to time will try to hold back the foot closing in to crush it. The animal will hide away from the hunter. The fish will not take the bait. The human will hold up a sign. The universe will expand. Thus bringing the excuse for destruction of morality, cities, individuals, and anything that says, “Life Matters”.

Excuse me. I must go. My cat is hungry. Therefore it is in this instant that my cat and being hungry matters.

King of Obscurity

You are so obscure you don’t even notice yourself. If you read history books there is always mention of civilization Kings, Queens, leaders, inventors, artists and sport celebrities’. The rest of us reported in history are merely background obscure peoples. Seven Billion people on the planet and about 98% or possibly even more are obscure statistics.

If you are lucky you will be reported as part of a team. The Greeks, The Romans, The Italians, The English, The Russians, The Americans, The Boston Red Sox, NFL, NHL, or National Philharmonic Orchestra. I think you get the idea.

WE are the actors sitting at tables behind the staring roles. The people walking or riding in cars seen only momentarily. If at all. The soldiers, workers on pyramids, railroads, high rise buildings or bridges, roads and ice cream parlors. Sadly all the people in war or Zombie pictures being mowed down. In real life. Usually me or you.

Hey! I matter. You may think. Probably. If you are the King or Queen of Obscurity. If you are. Why does not anyone know your name?