When death comes creeping around looking to reap, death has no qualms about his clientele.  Anyone goes.  Yet!  Some think mortality can be beaten, chained, captured and held hostage and no death will reap them.  Usually leaders.  Kings, Dictators, Presidents and especially Tyrants.  Yeah!  Tyrants would seem to top the list.  Unfortunately I believe at some time everyone thinks, “I will cheat death, I will be the one!”  No one as of yet has claimed this title of, “Death Cheater.”  Usually the Death Cheaters learn early they will be “gravely” wrong.  Please do not excuse this pun.  Live with it for as long as you can.  Strangely death is a common thing and when it happens it surprises and saddens.  Sometimes it makes people want to crave death and suicidal acts can flourish.  I wonder if after it happens the suicides think, “Oops.  Not what I expected.  Can I have a refund on this suicide?”  Near deathers see a light and drift toward it and are sent back.  So some report.  They, on the other hand survive and seem to appreciate life a little more.  Why not talk about death or the dead?  Morbid subject.  Depressing.  Sad.  Full of empty feelings.  These are the feelings of the living people.  Yes.  When a friend, relative or lover dies.  The loss can be overwhelming.  There are other death reapers out there that are living and pounce on grievers.  Pretend lovers.  Pretend friends.  Pretend relatives with their hands under the mattresses looking for hidden death booty.  Disgusting.  The good side of an afterlife coin does have hope.  Love.  Comfort.  Fortunately new life sometimes does grow out the dirt loved ones left behind seem to wallow in.   Not really wallow.  Maybe get mired, stuck or overwhelmed in.  Yes.  I guess some do wallow in loss unintentionally.  No one should ever invite death to their door.  It is a murderous undertaking when they do.  Wars and nature can keep the reaper rich and busy.  Let us find ways to make soldiers into fathers, mothers and lovers not graves sprouting grass and flowers.  How do we do that.  Recognize death.  Live every day of your life.  Enjoy some sprinkles on your ice cream.  Hug.  Love.  Respect each other.  Then when death comes looking for you.  Run like hell as if you will be the first “Cheater!”