It was photographed.  The taking down of a flag.  National coverage.  World wide coverage.  Cheering patriotic people.  The flag had a questionable reputation. The person taking down the flag would be a newly crowned hero.

It was laying on the street.  Discarded.  Cars running over it.  Ignoring it like it was garbage.  It is a National flag.  Known worldwide by all.  The flag has an unquestionable reputation for freedom.

A lone disgusted citizen picked it up.  There were no cheering people and no photographs.  In fact the citizen that picked it up was almost run over.  Horns beeping and people cursing as he picked it up slowing down traffic.

When the questionable flag was removed there was a question.  How many cheered the removal of the “bad” flag?  How many of them flew a flag similar to the flag that was discarded in the street?  Discarded; being run over by cars, trucks, bikes and walked on by cheering patriotic people?

Oh! Say.  Can you see……..?