Want to be president or a senator or congressman.  Better be rich or deal with the rich to take care of the rich.  Can a poor man on welfare become a leader of a free country?  No.  The cost of running for such offices are not free.  For some reason no matter how worthy of leadership.  A poor man cannot display a circus for an election that a billionaire can or a corporate backed candidate.  Can you imagine what would happen if all the poor voted?  Or if all voted 100% of the population.  What kind of leader would be elected?  What if there were rules that anyone could run?  A way in which free debates and freedom of speech was really free for all?  How about Campaign ads on TV be  limited and each candidate would have the same number of free time?  Since when did the buying of the Presidency begin?  When will it end?  Do you care?  Who cares what I care?  This is the real flag that must be brought down.  These are the real words that must be forgotten.  There is the problem.  Not many dare to stand up.  “It’s useless,” should be the National Anthem.  America, for sale and Bought by the rich.  Finally and financially just like Capitalism should be.  Well, Democracy does start with the word Demo and that was bought and devalued years ago.  Lets get together and resurrect Freedom and stop making it another word that means nothing else to loose.  Let us make it something that deserves to win for all once again.  If not future Bills will spin it until the spiders eat us all… every one.