My birthmark on my neck just lit up green then blinked red twice.  This was a signal for me to write another bunch of information about our spacey neighbors.  This has not happened since I crashed my motorcycle into a pick up truck.  Twice.  On separate occasions one truck at a time. What I believe is my E.A.T. the aliens put in my neck must have been damaged.  Somehow it was fixed by them or it healed itself.  With Alien tracking technology who knows.
Earthling Alien Tracking.  E.A.T. if you will.  Actually E.A.T. is not an Alien term  It was made up by the A.T.T.  Alien Tracking Team. It was founded by the C.I.A.  Central Intelligent Aliens who work out of D.C. or  Don’s Café in the state of Washington near the Seattle Space Needle.  Pretty convenient huh!

Therefore what the Aliens use instead of E.A.T is simply “Got One” or in Alien language would be…..I have no idea.  Still working on Alien languages throughout the Universe.  Some Alien investigators think all languages on Earth are Alien.  This is true because if one travels from country to country the first thing a traveler says, “I don’t know.  Their language sounds Alien to me!” 

How did this start?  A long distance radio device owned by the Aliens.  Boseo Speaker Co. reversed this technology that was discovered after a Alien Spacecraft landed in Milwaukee.  If the Aliens did not drink that beer.  The drunk Aliens would not have reviled their secrets . Unfortunately a Boseo Technician was also there. This Boseo tech overheard them bragging about how their radios were better than earth radios.  It’s always comes back to the beer.

Back to reality. The Aliens kept hearing about how Earth people like to buy, sorry adopt things.  Like cats, dogs, poor starving children, prisoners, women, men, vegetables, cows, sheep, tuna, and non religious people from the wrong religion.  Actually the aliens thought the Ancient Romans, Vikings, Greeks, Early Americans and other very old civilizations thought up this adoption idea.  It was not until recently Aliens realized there was money to be made in the adoption game.  The advertisement on TV, on Earth, instructed them that for a mere small amount of money one could adopt a person or animal.  The person or animal would be fed, clothed, sent to school, graduate college, get a good high paying job, become the head of a corporation and then become President or Leader of a Country.  Lesser donations would only produce a Congressman or Senator.  The non monthly donations usually only produce Mayors or lesser counsel jobs or administrators.  Which is  also another way the Aliens control politics.  Therefore explaining why government is seen as unexplainable and  out of this world.

The Aliens have pictures of every human on Earth.  They also get real time information on births of babies all over Earth.  Tracking Earth people can be expensive if you pay on a yearly basis because of the unpredictability of an earthly life span. No refunds if Earth person expires during yearly contract.
Which spurred a lottery.  Aliens would pick an Earth person and the Earth person that lived the longest would make the Alien a lot of money.  The longer the Earth person lives also adds to the pot.  Complications arise because unethical Aliens would create murders and serial killers on Earth to increase the odds of their winnings. 

The good news is…..The Aliens forfeit their winnings and have to pay a small Alien fine.  Like being banned from the lottery for one.  If the Earthling survives the attempted illegal lottery termination. There is no penalty because the Earthling is still living and the Alien that picked him/her still has a chance.  During times of war once the Earthling enters into that war that Earthling that was picked by the Alien is disqualified.  Although the War Lottery  will let the Alien transfer the Earthling pick  from the Regular to War Lottery.  The fee for the transfer will cost the Alien which could be expensive because the size of the war is taken into consideration.  The bigger the war the more expensive the transfer.  Earthlings that are killed in a weather disaster on Earth will get the Alien  a reduction on their winnings.  I have no idea why.  It is just one of the lottery rules.  For more information on this lottery.  Forget it.  The lottery is on a protected planet run by very old Aliens that collect then disperse the profits to other old Aliens.

So.  The Aliens then pick the Earth person they are interested in.  Send in their Alien checks or use their Alien Visa or Discover Cards.  Then get a Earthling E.A.T. pin number so they can track their Earthling.  How do they get these tracking chips into an Earthling.  C’mon you know the stories they are Aliens.  They have spaceships and are sending Earth people technology. Thus resulting that in the future the Earth people themselves will unknowingly be putting in these tracking devices.  Earth people are already putting them in cars and animals.  Why?  So if they lose them or they are kidnapped or stolen.  Earthlings tracking their stuff can get them back.  Children getting these Earth made trackers are just beginning to get them.  The Earth people had to make sure tracking was safe for children.  Inserting the trackers in cars and stuff; then animals to make sure the tracking devices will be safe. It is another Alien agenda thing.  More cost efficient which means bigger Alien lottery winnings.

Putting the Alien Lottery aside.  The E.A.T. is also positive.  The Aliens like tracking their Earth person like a Guardian Angel.  Aliens can watch their Alien pick and get some kind of  Alien joy by simply just tracking an Earthling.  Some improvements on the Earthlings like technology and making Earth life better has also evolved from this tracking.
In conclusion if you believe or agree with this. 

I am starting an Earthlings Tracking Aliens club or E.T.A.  It will only cost $1 for the Alien, but you have to find the Alien yourself. Then install the device, any electronics store has them,  to track the Alien yourself.  So get out and find yourself an Alien so you start tracking  life in the Universe.