Dear President Trump.

First I want to explain this letter is not anti-Trump or Pro-Trump.
This is just a Non Partisan observation from an unpolitical nobody.
A nobody born in America and being drowned by a two party system that
has abandoned the American People. A nobody that helped support the person
who seemed to relate to the forgotten American people. A person that would end the endless uncivil war between the two parties. This letter will hopefully
open eyes and bring back political incorrectness. A letter that will
put the person in charge of this great country, back to helping all Americans.
Regardless of race, color, creed or party affiliation.

That being said; accepted or ignored to the reader. Let me hitch the horses
dig in my heels and plow on. The field I plow is America. The tools and seeds I use strength, hope and rationality. The crops I grow sanity, acceptance and peace. The reason planted. To store cerebral food for future starving generations of unborn American Children. The horse used to pull the plow is named Perseverance.

This Uncivil War that is growing the weeds to kill all future crops. This has
got to stop. The weeds pulled and destroyed. Government is for the people to enjoy and thrive. Not to be shut down and starved by the animals born of dissent. America is divided not so much by the people in general but these egotistical party members.

Should we end the 2 party system? Maybe just grow more. Encourage diversity.
Widen narrow visions. Trample out the notion of Party first everyone else
be damned.

Good young seeds were planted during the presidential campaign. Unfortunately they are wilting. How refreshing it was to see a candidate stand up for the American people and not the party he belonged to. Then turn around after the election and begin blaming the opposing party with all the same fertilization
fed to the American People in the past. “We did not do it they did”. Plus more fertilization spread like: “It is not our fault we cannot get anything done. It is because they are blocking us from doing our job”. The American people waited for months to get a Supreme Court Justice. Now must wait more because
the cannons of both parties are being reloaded and fired again. Fingers of each
of the opposing party members are poised and pointed like swords ready to battle. So thus the war is renewed.

The casualties are beginning. People caught on this battlefield are caught in the crossfire of policies and orders. Children, innocents trying to
get out of the war and build positive and productive lives. They are detained, held prisoner, and starved. Meanwhile the Generals of both parties gorge and consume the battle plans dedicated to hate and destruction of each other. Other good men fall. Shredded then discarded. Depending on which side they fight for.

Meanwhile the press presses on like it should. Every elected leader has to go
thru the tradition of TRIAL BY PRESS. How they approach that trial tells a lot to the American People. Some newly elected presidents acknowledge the trial and move on. They show their true character. True leaders, in my feeble opinion, brush off this dust the press creates. They usually become strong leaders. Other leaders cry foul and throw tantrums. They usually end up eating from the trees that do not grow the peach. Then the weakest become Dictators or worse. Taking offence and destroying all.

Which path will you take Mr. President?

That will be entirely up to you. Not the press, nor the supporters or detractors. The way you survive this traditional test will be your fate and yours alone. Not your advisors, staff, yes men, no men, lovers, haters, or either party members. YOURS!

It was once thought and stated. “The buck stops here”. The second part of that statement was lost. It said. “But first the buck must be earned”.


Just another brick in the American Wall