A lot of people on Earth believe in Aliens and Ghosts. What if it were true that there is a connection? The answer is a confusing Yes! Possibly maybe but a profound no followed by who cares. Regardless, here are the fictional facts.

Aliens have a live TV show that they play on their space vessels. It helps keeping them from being bored on those long flights to other planets, universes, galaxies or vacation spots. The show is called, “SPACE PRANKS”.

Borrowing from the Earth TV Game shows, they have stolen the beginning of the show. Just before the Alien MC comes on a voice says, “It’s time for…… Then the alien audience yells out – SPACE PRANKS. Thus the show begins.

Aliens do everything they can to convince the chosen earthling that he/she is living in a haunted home, castle, library, theater, lighthouse or forest. This is easy for them to do because they are great at not being seen and have hidden cameras all over the earth. A camera could be a door knob, window, home temperature control or even the TV or radio. They are big on hiding cameras in light fixtures and eyeglasses or sunglasses. They have a few in contact lenses
but have a lot of sound problems with them. The sound glitch makes Earthlings think they are hearing voices. Once in awhile they also use implant cameras. These implants are expensive and are only used if they have a good sponsor paying for the commercial ads. Yes they have commercials also but
that is another fictional alien secret.

Basically if the reader of this article is familiar with ghost shows and paranormal stuff on earth TV. Shown on these shows are moving objects, voices, knockings and also people seeing demons, ghosts, getting hair pulled or even scratches. It is the Alien doing all of it to get a reaction from their outer space audience.

To make it more interesting some of the Alien Space Pranks are done by Alien Celebrities. For instance they have their own celebrity versions of Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Stephen Colbert, Meg Ryan, Whoopee Goldberg, or Taylor Swift.
These are the hosts of the week and are involved in the Space Pranks. Some of the celebrities also write and direct the shows themselves. It is hard to translate the Alien names because they are longer than some Russian, German, Polish words. Usually spelled in a type of Chinese or Asian language symbol use.

Usually no Earthling is harmed just scared to the point of insanity. There have been a few accidental deaths unfortunately. These end up on Earth TV as
Cold Cases, unsolved mysteries or murders. The Aliens show these on the Alien TV as SPACE PRANK BLOOPERS. Which are popular during Alien holidays if a Alien sport show has been cancelled.

If you want more information on this I will be happy to make up a fictional fact for you. So. Maybe one day you might be on “SPACE PRANKS.”
That is if you think you have seen a ghost or had a paranormal experience.
If that happens you also could become a Space Celebrity and host your own show.
Until then your imagination can drum up more of what this show may be like in your own mind.