When entering the world we do it alone.

When exiting the world we do it alone.


If it wasn’t for our mother we would not enter at all.

When we exit chances are someone will be around.  Maybe a relative or nurse or friend.

Yes! One could die alone while watching TV.  Maybe have a heart attack while walking the Appalachian Trail and no one is around so you fall like the tree in the forest.  Someone will find your body and take it from there to put it here or there.

Why do people fret loneliness in a world of about 7 Billion People?  When all that is needed is saying hello or throwing someone the finger.  Either way a hug or a punch in the face will bring the reality of not being alone.

This yearning for other people being around all the time is not true for all.  There are hermits and mountain people that like to be away from humans and for good reason.  Just watch the news and that will explain it.

Don’t forget books, magazines, TV and movies or even dances and Bingo.  When reading you take on an association with the characters in the book.  So it is with everything else.

Oh!  I see you go to bed alone.  You live alone.  No one is ever around.  Just pick up the phone.  Go to the grocery store or have groceries delivered.  Repair men and women always come to homes.  Is not there a variety of animals from bugs to dogs, cats and whatever willing to stay at your place of existence?

Music!   Tons of music and enormous selection of ways to listen to it.  Stay at home music or go out to hear music.  It is all there.

No one listens.  Write a blog.  Write a book.  Twitter or Facebook or whatever.  One only does not have something to say if it is not said or written down.  People are always around and they listen but they do  not comment all the time.  Which may be a good thing.  Comedians do not always get a laugh but they don’t give up trying.  Plus comedians also prove you do not always have to say serious words.  One can be funny, erotic, neurotic, truthful, untruthful and sarcastic.  Add some other ways to communicate any kind of feelings and one may end up with an audience.

When worse comes to worse talk to yourself.  Yes! You can even answer yourself.  Why not?  If no one else is in the room while you talk to yourself then where would the critic ism come from but yourself.  Which brings the ultimate truth that no one stops you from doing anything but yourself!

Sigh!  Yep there are rules.  There is also not one rule that has not been broken.  Ten Commandments?  Watch crime shows and see how they are broken.  What anyone can do is to take responsibility for what they do.  Good or bad it does not matter but makes one more aware of the decision process.

The neat thing is that God, Devil, Angels, Demons and tax collectors will always be there for company.  Out of that list you will find at least one that does exist.

I sit alone at my desk and write this.  I am listening to music, talking to myself about what to write and my goal is to help make you stop complaining about being alone.  Even if no one reads this it won’t bother me.  I wrote it.  It made me feel good and I can  imagine that maybe someone will have a read or chuckle.

Finally remember this.  We are all time travelers traveling second by second thru time.  Past present and future happens all in that one second.  Spend those seconds wisely by doing whatever.  Even naps or sleep are ok.   Dreams and waking up fresh and rested helps make stronger time traveling a second at a time.

Time to go.  Would like to be alone be sometimes for some reason but there is a whole world knocking on my door!  Every time I answer it, I am never let down.