There are things in the time span of life that are said to defy explanation. The truth is the explanations are too fantastic to believe and are tossed into the realms of insanity. Yet! The vastness of imagination exceeds light years of traveling thru space to reach a destination that is elusive to rationality. Unfolded here is an action of nature that created the Siamese twins born as the result of such notions as earthquakes and dimensional portals.

Earthquakes are know to everyone and mostly acknowledged, studied, explained and found to be accepted as the movement of earth sliding and scraping dirt and rocks about. Which is the simplest acceptance of an Earthquake reality. This interaction in nature causes something that is neither a disaster nor a boon of rewards. Miraculously the conjoined birth confounds the human mind into doubt and awe.

Some scientists ponder lay lines and portals to other dimensions. Vague stories of unworldly alien conveyances slip in and out of reported places throughout the vastness of earth. These portals hide in mountains, oceans, fields, caves and numerous other places nature deems to dedicate. The elusive problem is that the earthquakes effect the fabric of these time and placed areas. Leaving the bafflement of men to deny what is shockingly true. Earthquakes effect the portals of time and space surrounded in the fog of human minds.

Sometimes a so called ghost will appear when nature shakes open a dimensional door or window. Therefore humans, animals and even earth itself is shaken thru and to other existences. This circumstance may find a loved one on a milk carton or on a missing person/pet internet post. Imagine what it would be like to be lost forever in a familiar dimension that holds no form of familiarity at all. This occurrence may be as brief as a ghost ship that appears then slips away from sight. A questionable UFO may crash as the quaking shifts the portal door or window.

Whatever happens during an earthquake? It should be clear that time and space is altered by a natural Mother Nature occurrence that may be a joke of hers. The question lies in the existence of said portals or dimensions. What is it that you will chose to investigate or disregard?