A teacher speaks: A caterpillar is a miraculous creature. It wraps itself inside a grave like cocoon. Seemingly dies and resurrects into a beautiful flying butterfly.

Student: How is this so miraculous? Eventually the butterfly will die.

Teacher: If you must ponder that thought you will never become a butterfly.

What cannot be observed can be observed if one has the equipment to look for an observation. Microscopes have indeed opened the mind to picture the tiniest materials that bond, crash and glue together to create solid matter.

Creations became abundant that can be seen, touched, smelled and reformed. How does the miracle of a tree be transformed into a useful tool or man made object to be used as a piece of furniture? Plants become food when beaten then cooked. Animals can go from a living form to a piece of clothing. This bonding of molecules, atoms, neutrons, protons, and whatever makes up matter is beyond imagination and fails because words are not enough to explain the existence of whatever they are.

The author of this story is not a scientist. Scientific words are not part of something that can be shared nor rationalized in what is reported here. Theory is theory and that is as theoretical as it gets. What was stumbled upon that needs to be transcribed? The materials that hold the universe together are separating. Unraveling. No longer bonding together. The fertility of man and woman will one day be infertile as the sperm and egg will no longer form.

Most stories have characters and character development.  The plot of a story seems to plod on with a few or multiple hero’s, villains, major and minor players in a setting which the reader gets to know.  In this story experience, observation, and communication is what feeds the fire of this locomotive run literal journey.

The unraveling of the universe started out very small.  The reality of the unraveling is being witnessed every moment.  Have there been instances that the glue on a stamp would not stick?  Many.  Even super glue fails at times.  Do socks being laundered get misplaced? No.  They just simply lose what holds the material a sock is made of and separate.  The unraveling.  Things go missing or seem to be misplaced and are never found again.  The things unravel.  What has gone missing in a life recently?   People are increasingly reported as “missing.”  A very slow rapture of mortals unraveling becoming hundreds, thousands, or millions of  particles.  Yet.  Has the theory of unraveling ever been considered?  You.  The reader the main and only character in this story.  What has  unraveled or is unraveling that you have observed?  Will you dare to share the insanity of this experience?  Have you noticed that dust particles increase as things go missing.  Well do not fret.  Soon even dust particles will unravel into microscopic pieces of once solid existence.

It is now the collection of facts must begin.