This story is written backwards. That is how writing on the internet works sometimes. The posts are written in present time. The past blogs or whatever are read after the present one. This is no problem except the initial warning will be the last thing read. Which my be too late thus, there will be no time for the past.

Health problems that can be related to the unraveling. As solids begin to disappear because of what holds the universe together is not bonding. Mankind will be duped into a great false medical diagnosis. Alzheimer’s, dementia and other brain functioning’s will begin to increase. The connectiveness of the brain will dissolve. The brain matter will not hold together during the unraveling of the universe. Gaps will appear and false information will run rapid throughout the brain.

Elsewhere throughout the body nerve endings will end. Tingling sensations will infiltrate the human body and numbness will take over. Death will occur long before all the body is unraveled making it hard for seeking causes of death. As the unraveling increases there may be some awakening to some mortician somewhere on earth that discovers this. By then, of course, it will be too late.

Will mankind just succumb into sensory depravation? Will mankind just sit around endlessly staring in some zombie like state until the last unravel of matter? It is like trying to catch a ball. The ball moves the moment one gets near enough to pick it up. It will never be possessed ever again. Acknowledgement of knowledge. Poof.