The unraveling of love. Love, a present from God, and sometimes deliberately or not associated with sex. The unraveling problem is the sex part.

Is sex love? Is loving sex? The term making love, what exactly does that mean? Is making love; hugging, sex, verbal words associated with sensuality, affection, sex acts and whatever one thinks love is?

The result is God loses out because men/women seek sex more than love. Cannot have sex with God. Can love God. Can love man. Can love woman. The seeking of love part is like playing tennis. Some times you hit the love ball over the net. Other times the tennis player misses the love ball completely. One love or no love.

Men and women seek more love from other men and women then God. Most humans love God one or two days a week. There are some that love him seven days a week. These are Church Services where a human goes to a physical placed to love God. Compare the number of Churches or the number of Bars, Social Meeting Places, online hook up sites. Just how much more effort does a human pray for the love of another human? Then compare that to the effort a human puts into praying for the love of God.

There is an argument that God is constantly in human thoughts. This can be true but what about sex thoughts or human connectivity? It is my belief the need for affection is a pretty strong thought in a human. When a baby is born the bonding begins with a parent or human. Bonding with God comes later. Once the human mind is introduced to the concept of God then…well this is a mute ending. Although the older the human gets it can be discussed God gets more popular when death is nearer.

Science. The proof is in Science. Theory anyway. Theory then proof. Proof which then rains endless drops of Theory that needs to be caught in oceans of Proof. POOF!