On observing two persons in a difficult situation. An elderly woman responded to them both with this advice. “If you have dust on your coat brush it off. If you pick at it. It will only stay on your coat longer.”

As life progressed in the history of humans. The brains of these earthlings began to unravel emotions. Positive feelings bloomed up and flowered. These emotions began to teeter totter as Negative feelings weeded their way into synaptic growth. Thus began the half glass full or half empty theory. The protagonist or antagonist, evil or good, or whatever amassed on this teeter totter. Thus, emotions ride up and down on this never ending ride.

Laws began to unravel to help curb the negative effects of emotional feelings. The belief, negative emotional thinking, led to negative behavior. Positive emotional feelings lead to positive socially acceptable behavior. The bread of truth was the mainstay meal to balance. What then would become unfortunate? There were many different types of bread. Alternative bread was suggested and laughed out of the bakery. The problem was the alternative bread recipe was out there. Truth on occasion became burnt.

Men and Women needed to harness these emotions. Herbal medicines, stricter rules, violence, torture, then science. Little pills filled with tiny ingredients flourished and the medicine show became ever so popular.

Eventually tickets were given to those riding with their emotions. God held the tickets in one booth. The Devil held the thickets in another booth. There is also another cheaper ticket that God nor the Devil sold. That booth was rarely opened.

Freedom of emotions. Art and writing held open the door slightly to let all kinds of emotions out. The trick to that ride? When ridden very high. The rider at the bottom was looked at as very low. The result the lowly would get off and the high rider would crash down. So then the term, “in the eye of the beholder,” could become, “a kick in the ass,” very suddenly.

How or will emotions have a final unraveling? Death? Afterlife? You do not have to tell me. You will tell yourself.