I hate having to unravel this evil viral note. More information, blogs, U Tube, news and billions of hands on the Internet are raised screaming listen to my Virus etchings.

Seems I have unraveled and now drip out and cough out my sickness.

  1. Conspiracy sneeze. Government cover up. North Korea bombs China with chemical germ warfare just for the hell of it.
  2. Experimental nose drip. An unknown government leaks out a black ops experiment from some secret place and labels it a virus. The problem is the government really does not know what it is or what it can do.
  3. Population control cough. Need to wipe out older generation and save Social Security; as older population is a drain on this system. The shaving off Social Security money for other purposes, by the government, got out of control.
  4. Attempt to assassinate Trump at that Largo place fake sneeze.
  5. Population containment hack. Government needs to control and isolate gatherings of people. This needed in order to reveal Government Secret that will screw up the freedoms of constituents in this Country or outer Countries.
  6. The Aliens from Space preparing for invasion sore throat. They got the virus idea from watching War of The Worlds.
  7. Illegal immigration fart. Humans carried it from somewhere to wherever they are heading.
  8. Is just an overblown fake news story headache. Plan to keep everyone from being bored. The media will get a financial kick back from companies that make hand sanitize-rs. Toilet paper was a fluke as people cannot differentiate Flu from Virus.

If there is a massive death toll. It will be from God because ALL religions had to close their places of worship. In other words God has spewed forth, “You want a Pandemic, I’ll give you a Pandemic”.