A new scratch off lottery ticket has six high risk people on it. If one name on the ticket list gets the corona-19 virus and dies. You win $5. If two names $10. If three names $20. If four names a twelve pack of toilet paper. If five names a pair of rubber gloves and a mask. If 6 names appear and die, you get a free respirator in the Hospital of your choosing when you get the virus.

The good news is, now for something totally different.

Bankruptcy Lawyers expect a lot of business in the next few months. The air is getting cleaner. Animals going extinct are thinking now humans know what extinction feels like. The more humans stay in the home the more cockroaches move out. Husbands and wives spend more time together as more work places close. Children see their parents more due to school closings and once again work closings. Violent Crime in the home has increased. The banks are starting foreclosures online websites. The Internet has gotten an upsurge of websites. Potholes are no longer a problem anyone cares about. Snow days are a thing of the past. Home invasions are down.

OK! So it was not something so totally different after all. Therefore add what you can come up with to add to this list. After all you got something better to do?