Team Covid-19 fans are leading the Corona-19 fans. Or not if I spelled both of them wrong again it could be another Virus-19 fan.

To visit Nanna and Poppa or to not visit Granny or Granpa?

I think it depends on how old they are and how much they have to leave in a will. Now this may seem like a crass and unethical thing to write. The truth is there are people out there thinking about this. Not only that. There is a new crime show in the works called, “The Covid-19 Murders.” I think it may be on the channel with all the other crime shows. This is part of the America Has Entertainment Mentality. (A.H.E.M.). Just think. How long was it before a TV or Movie came out after 911? Americans love disaster and Apocalyptic entertainment. AHEM also loves war, horror, and dysfunctional relationships. A show with a single mother or father with children are usually, “Comedies.” Side note. I first wrote AEM then needed something more. I added the Has to get AHEM. Sorry or ahem for AHEM.

There is a problem making movies for AHEM because mostly everybody is sequestered in this housebound situation. How is a car chase going to work? If a home invasion occurs. Then will everyone die like in a Russian Comedy? I imagine, maybe, the big family stuck at home with not much to do plot might be over played. Then there is the children have the virus. Let us ask the Grandparents to babysit. We can pretend mom and dad need to get some black market toilet paper and hand sanitizers. A far fetching plot having a pet dog or cat pass it on. “Dawn of the Viral Pet?”

I saw a detective show where the inspector/police guy or whatever. Had a father that was an artist. This father would only paint forest landscapes. No matter how much he tried. The artist could only paint these forest landscapes. This is the same problem I have. I sit down to write about anything but this damn virus thing. I just seems that for now I cannot write about anything else. Why? Covid-19 is being blasted to all of us surviving this thing so far. TV, Internet, advertisements, cable, live TV, News, a daily death count. If one notices. The death count actually changes in real time; if one watches it carefully.

I live alone and love it. I have about a half dozen Grand-ones and a daughter that checks on me. Usually she wants to know if I have any black market toilet paper connections. Bidets are starting to take off and have a 2 or 3 month delivery period now. That wait is on Amazon. If one is lucky they may find one that is a bit more expensive that has a quicker delivery period of 2 to 4 weeks. For your AHEM tonight. Check out the book, “I was a Black Market Toilet Paper Criminal.”

My daughter and her children want to visit me. Not because I have money. If I die she may have to change her name because of my credit card debt. I have a mortgage and car payment. The cat is no problem. If I die and no one finds me for a few days. My cat loves eating any bug that trespasses into her home. It is the cats home. The cat just hired me to change the litter and feed her. Anyway! I seem to make great ice cream sodas. I am over 65 and in the High Risk Category. Strange but I have been in the HRC since I was born. We all have. I abused drugs, alcohol, and chocolate. I had drunken sex with strange people. The sex did not include safe sex aids. Blackouts usually make things like this occur. I was in a combat zone. The combat zone was by accident. That is another story. I have been in accidents that were so bad people would ask, “How did you survive that?” High Risk? Yeah, I think we have all been there. The next phase is wondering which actor will play us, in the soon to be released, “Viral” movie or TV Series.

If I am afraid to get the virus and die because I hugged my daughter, grandson or granddaughter. I am dead already. I must hug them. Especially because that is also part of AHEM. Ya just gotta hug love!