You are so obscure you don’t even notice yourself. If you read history books there is always mention of civilization Kings, Queens, leaders, inventors, artists and sport celebrities’. The rest of us reported in history are merely background obscure peoples. Seven Billion people on the planet and about 98% or possibly even more are obscure statistics.

If you are lucky you will be reported as part of a team. The Greeks, The Romans, The Italians, The English, The Russians, The Americans, The Boston Red Sox, NFL, NHL, or National Philharmonic Orchestra. I think you get the idea.

WE are the actors sitting at tables behind the staring roles. The people walking or riding in cars seen only momentarily. If at all. The soldiers, workers on pyramids, railroads, high rise buildings or bridges, roads and ice cream parlors. Sadly all the people in war or Zombie pictures being mowed down. In real life. Usually me or you.

Hey! I matter. You may think. Probably. If you are the King or Queen of Obscurity. If you are. Why does not anyone know your name?