Well people sometimes raise their hands, stomp their feet, scream loudly and try to grab attention when feeling obscure.

The question is: “What life matters and when”?

During war. The enemies life does not matter.

Life does not matter to someone inside a “Clique” since outside is nonexistent. This includes groups, neighborhoods, cities, countries, nations, planets and colors.

This is controversial since there are exceptions. Some are inclusive. Resulting in what their definition of “inclusive” is. Finances, behaviors, religion, geography, physical build, age, or well you fill in what is acceptable and not acceptable to you or your group.

What animals matter? The fuzzy ones? The loveable ones, pet ones, endangered ones, nonendangered ones, two legged ones, four legged ones, flying ones? When there are too many the hunted ones fear for their lives? Of course the animals we eat live for us to live.

There is so much life in the sea. Their lives also matter as long as there is something humans can rape and kill them. Usually sea life is needed for useful people stuff. Sorry reap not rape.

Insect life. Stepped on, swatted, poisoned, burned, drowned, eradicated those miserable diseased miniature “pests”.

Then there is God, A Higher Power, Buddha, Mohammed, or a really important something that emaciates humans when they get out of line or increase too much. Plagues, wars, floods, fires, pandemics, Dictators, Leaders of Countries, or Congress and Senators. All these usually take out the poor first. Eventually an earthquake tumbles the rich and they drown in the ocean.

There are examples of when life really does matter. It does not last long. There are respites in history or in the continuum of time. A small ant from time to time will try to hold back the foot closing in to crush it. The animal will hide away from the hunter. The fish will not take the bait. The human will hold up a sign. The universe will expand. Thus bringing the excuse for destruction of morality, cities, individuals, and anything that says, “Life Matters”.

Excuse me. I must go. My cat is hungry. Therefore it is in this instant that my cat and being hungry matters.