A Black US Citizen is walking down the street carrying an AK-47. The black man has his hands in the air. Dozens of police cars pass him by and do nothing. This is the definition of Fiction.

2020 has been so bad what could possibly be worse in 2021? God sends a retribution on mankind and wipes everyone out to start over again. There are now 3 Pandemics instead of one. Aliens from several distant planets decide to conquer earth before earth conquers them. Madonna and Justin Bieber do an Album together and win a Grammy. The Documentary on the Life of President Trump wins an Oscar. Adolph Hitler is alive and well and has been living in Hoboken, NJ. Sadly thus is my wishful thinking of all the good things that could happen in 2021. And I am an Optimist.

I was sitting on my butt watching the rain come down. I was relaxing and enjoying the peacefulness’ of that tranquil moment. All this while the Milky Way Galaxy was unaware of the existence of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The intrusions that effect life are wars, anger, hate, violence, jealousy. murder, and any thing that can eliminate or upset the peaceful flow of life. What war has been started because a neighbor actually loved their neighbor? I am not talking about a man and women living next door to deciding to to have an affair. Thus ending another of the 10 commandments. Is it a basic fact that in order for mankind to exist they must eliminate anything that is different? Or maybe Indifferent or Undifferent? I should just sit in the rain with my thoughts. I can then be all wet like every existing so called intelligent living entity.

While I am writhing in my writing. A garbage truck just came to pick up my garbage. Sadly all the garbage I carry around inside me is still here.