Alien Political Stuff

Little to nothing is known about Alien Planet Politics.  Mostly because some of the Alien Cultures on other Planets do not have what we call Government or Political Parties.  The Aliens do party but not in the Political way.
If we happened to visit one of these Alien Planets and asked them to take us to their leader.  They would probably take us to Jeff.
Alien Jeff is not so much a leader as he is a Historian or Librarian.  Jeff  therefore is the one with all the information needed to understand Alien stuff that we do not.  Which brings us back to our leader question.  Aliens do their own thing, sort of.  All Aliens are in charge of something. Jeff for information.  Zyclops has all the information you need about Alien animals.  Animals is also something that will be discussed in a future section of this book.  As of now Zyclops  went somewhere else.  That is what they told me when I asked where Zyclops was.  There answer was, “Zyclops is somewhere else”.  Somewhere else means not there.  Most likely Zyclops is on the way to another planet doing something.  Doing something means  most likely that it has to do with Animals.
Then there is GeeEee who takes care of anything related to which Alien takes care of what.  One would go to GeeEee and ask for instance where would one go to get information about, say travel information.  GeeEee would then refer the questionnaire  to Barbaah.  I know this is complicated but for now Jeff and GeeEee would be our first choices to get information about their planet.  What is the name of their planet?  &UR is the one in charge of planet names and would not give out the information unless we actually lived and had a sort of residence on the planet we want to know the name of.  Aliens are very secretive.
Trying to wrap ones head around leadership or political stuff is difficult because everyone is the leader of something.  Meaning all Aliens are leaders in their own right.  Therefore “take me your leader,” would probably get you and answer like, “Which one?”  Think it as sort of a telephone operator plugging you into the Alien with the information you want.
Confused?  You should be.  After much trial and multiple questions on Politics or Government I kept getting *Oram^ the leader of stupid questions.  One time I was given a sort of tree looking thing that kept trying to eat my hair on top of my head.  So be careful.  Especially if you are bald I am not sure what hair they will then eat.
My apologies for lack of an answer.  The best thing that can happen is next time you are abducted you may get an Alien on a planet that actually has an answer to Outer Space politics. Which may or may not have a leader or so called King or President.
One more thing the Aliens do also have Show and Experience Aliens. They demonstrate parts of Alien life activities.  Warning do not ask for a sex demonstration.  If you do you will be in for an Alien Probing.  Then you will finally ending up in a large big sticky slimy rainbow colored blob. You will have to somehow squirm out of and that takes time.  Do not worry to much it does not smell and kind of tastes like strawberry Jello.


Selective Dementia

There is a new illness sweeping across the global empire of men and women kind.

It began to gain attention during some “sessions” of The United States Congress and Senate. It is also gaining popularity in Colleges, Universities, Grade Schools, classrooms, court rooms and criminals on witness stands. It is also beginning to be spread through religion based information and ideals.

This illness started in prisons and organized criminal activities. Originally being a political illness. It is continuing to spread like peanut butter on toast. Thus forgetting entirely about the jelly. Which is a way in trying to explain this pandemic anomaly.

It can begin at a very early age. A child does something wrong like drawing artwork on living room walls. When the child is confronted and asked the question, “Who did this or Did you do this?” The child answers, “I don’t know.”
As the child grows the answer evolves into, “I don’t remember.” As opposed to pointing the guilt to another household member.

Marriage Selective Dementia usually happens between husbands and wives or wives and husbands. Some scenarios to Selective Dementia in marriage would be, “Why did you get home so late from work”. “Where are the children and Did you take them to their music, doctor, or school appointment?” Answering I do not remember raises eyebrows. Thus sometimes this could become complicated to identify because Alcohol Dementia sometimes is the answer to these type of questions. Plus also contacting the police missing person sections could result. A few drinks after work or lunch with friends type answer does not qualify for selective dementia. Most Marriage Dementia answers are sometimes hiding activities. The accused may be actually playing golf or going to a sporting game or having an affair that creates deflections to not remembering. Marital Dementia may seem to be a part of the Selective Dementia process but more study on this needs to be done.

Focusing on Selective Dementia is far more easier to diagnose. The person suffering from Selective Dementia, unlike just telling lies, stories change from moment to moment. It all depends on the question asked and content of information needed to be answered. Plus the fact that the only thing forgotten is a certain question or subject. Everything else is crystal clear in the afflicted persons memory. For example. “Did you mingle and talk to everyone at the office party? Answer yes. “So you even mingled with that newly hired woman/man that is so attractive? I don’t remember, would be the selective dementing dementia answer.”

One sterling example of Selective Dementia is when a serial killer kills 11 people but for some reason cannot recall the 12th to 15th victims. Also a business person going to England on a business trip. The business person cannot remember how a picture of him/her was taken in Russia with Putin. Good Selective Dementia answer. “I do not recall!” When further information about the trip to England is asked. The person can remember what they ate and the exact time of every meal. The person also can recall the waitress or waiter, what they wore, the time and how many dust flakes they saw when the sun shined threw the window they were sitting by. The trip to Russia. Total Selective Dementia. “I do not remember.”

If any of this sounds familiar please contact the Center for Selective Dementia. The information can be gotten from the Attorney General of the US or for that matter any political member of Congress or the Senate of the US. Passing this information on to friends, relatives, aliens, or enemies would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Past Present Education

Yesterday there was normal humor. Married with children drew laughs when Kelly was pinched, groped and violated. This was normal on a lot of TV shows in the past. Everyone laughed and no one gave it a second thought. In fact TV violated minorities indiscriminately on purpose. The only thing that held true. The bigger the comical violations made; the higher ratings soared over that rainbow. The audience was not held accountable but pampered to laugh at the female victim.

The question is: Should the audience admit that their past behavior was unforgiveable? Like Louie, Trump, Spacey, and other evil celebrities that have owned up to these depravities. It is feasible then that audiences should be held accountable also? After all how many complaints were made to stop this sexist behavior? The excuse, that was taught, learned, shown, highlighted, laughed at and mowed over acceptable TV. What kind of Animal House was going on?

The times are a changing is being sung all the USA. This includes everyone and every thought spent in the past. Loud voices may be interpreted as positive change. Movies will give more r-e-s-e-p-c-t to women. No more gay sex change marriage jokes. Those jokes will be reduced to cow dung to be shoveled away.

What exactly will be future audience culpability? That cell phone will be ready to point out actors, athletic players, politicians and Pee Wee Herman’s again and again. Responsible viewing will be the norm. Except for porn. Porn will always be acceptable depravity.

What is happening then is a desensitized viewer. Maybe a sensitized viewer. The human condition learned in the past is switching to present good behavior entertainment.

This new remedy will not birth Louie’s, Trumpets, Spaces, and other pedophiles tuning into evil junk stuff.

So I apologize. I laughed and was taught back then that the pinching women’s butts was not only ok but demanded in order to get a smile and laugh. To be really honest if I ever did exercise this behavior my five older sisters would beat the crap out of me. To prove I have changed I typed crap instead of shit.
Which is an appropriate ending to behavior eaten and digested in the buried past.

A War to Start all Wars

The news never shows dead babies after a thermonuclear attack. Basically because there is no one to take the picture or care. World War I,(WWI), gave birth to War because nations were entangled with other nations. If one nation
was in a war like situation then that nations friends would jump in to defend or whatever was needed to protect and serve. Throw in an assassination and here comes the bombs.

World War II, (WWII). The war started about the same as WWI. Nations protecting and serving other nations being attacked. Throw in a surprise attack killing and destroying military stuff also helps disturb the peace.

If the leadership of one country wants to start a war it is relatively simple.
Fake and invasion. Make the enemy super evil. Invade the country to get renewable resources free. Also throw in a plan to Assassinate a leader.

Reasoning the start of a war.

Maybe the nation that needs to start the war is in economic distress. A Dictator needs war to open factories creating weapons of war and war employment. Maybe a leader is unpopular and a war would take the focus off that leader. With everyone caught up in war sometimes political issues get swallowed up and forgotten.

Lets say for example. A leader gets elected by illicit dealings with a foreign country. The foreign country would like nothing better to bring down that leader and that country. The desperate now unpopular leader picks a small country and makes it become “evil”. This country doesn’t have much but a fairly good bunch of destructive military junk. The buddies of that small country then squeeze the unpopular leader. It would not be good if they confessed that the election they assisted in illegally would be made world wide. This could destroy the unpopular leader. So the unpopular leader goes on a “peace” trip to these countries. The unpopular leader and assisting countries form a fake incident that would lead to fake news. The result a fake war.

Sadly real or fake. War is not good for children as was printed earlier. Unpopular leaders become popular leaders. War sends the bill to be paid by a family sitting down to dinner as a bomb drops on their home.

Thank the Creator of all. This is not going to happen…..or will it?

Relatively Speaking

You should love your sister.
You should love your brother.
You may be a sister.
You may be a brother.
You could become a sister.
You could become a brother.
If you do not have a sister.
If you do not have a brother.
Look around you;
I am sure you can find a sister.
I am sure you can find a brother.
If you still cannot find a sister.
If you still cannot find a brother.
Do not give up.
Someone may be looking for a sister.
Someone may be looking for a brother.
Relatively speaking they will be looking for you.

Are there pets traveling on UFO’s?

Once in awhile I drink too much coffee and cannot sleep for a few days. That is also about the time I think of our space brothers that visit our earth every
now and then. What I was thinking, do Aliens have pets? Do the pets travel on the UFO’s with them? What kind of pets are they.

To find out I got into my paralyzing dream state. Sometimes I get a telepathy mind phone call from way way out there. Way way way out there. Note one has to
get way way out there to communicate on certain Alien conversational connections.

This time an Alien that goes by the space hanger name Bennie was available.

According to Benny. There are pets on UFO’s. To take care of them the Aliens
use some of our Astronut ideas. To keep them watered or hydrated. They recycle and filter water from their bodies and also pets bodies. The pets take to this better then our astronuts and the Alien travelers. Food is in like pill or small cubed form that contains every nutritious need. This also cuts down on solid waste. Cats do not need cat pans because of this and dogs don’t need to be tethered outside the UFO craft to void in the void.

The problem is if male and female pets are on the same UFO RV, they still do mate. This was learned on early trips to earth or wherever. To prevent over pet crowding. Extra pets were left on earth.

Now Aliens from all over did not only have cats and dogs for pets. They have all kinds of diversity in their pet domination. To make a long story less boring. Most pets were dropped off in Africa and Australia. Which explains
lions, tigers, snakes, insects, yes insect are Alien pets. Insects are small, useless space pets. Easy to store but really get into their insect space orgies and reproduce an reproduce and reproduce and……well, I think you get it.

After the Alien Animal Relocation Society got involved. Alien pets start being abandon; relocated on earth, in more suitable environments, on earth, according to the pets needs after getting bounced out of the Space Ships. Actually there are more rules about safely ejecting pets than other life form like the Alien Greys. Lizzard like Aliens do not like to be compared to the lizard pets strewn across Earth. Like earthlings do not like to be compared to monkeys. Lizzards do not like to be compared to animal lizards on earth. They did make a movie called “Planet of the Lizards.” It was about future Alien Lizzards going to a planet and, Hey! Just go rent it you will not be disappointed.

Anyone reading this may be thinking are all animals on land and sea discarded UFO Pets? The answer is an overwhelming yes! Most plants also. Forgot about the UFO plants. Usually taken on the UFO’s for esthetic reasons. Plants, vegetables, wheat, barley, oats were pre-planned experiments and attempts to continue having a ready beer supply. Refer to “The True fictional Alien Guides,” that are in UFO libraries and starting to get published on earth. Look up cave dwelling aliens and “Who gave the Egyptians the idea to work for beer?”

I know this may be hard to swipe out of the ol’ cat litter pan. What one has to remember is that this was ongoing for over millions of years. Please also note the bigger the UFO usually had the biggest pets. Like the dinosaurs, whales, elephants and such. This also explains the mistake of leaving these large animals on earth. The UFO Animal Society saw how these animals were overcrowding earth and had to be, “left on farms on Jupiter and Saturn.” That is what they told Alien Children.

Any more questions? Please don’t ever worry about getting answers. You just won’t get them.

I hope you enjoy your hand me down space pets. Be sure to love and take care of them. The UFO pets had a long trip getting here. Once here they were orphaned. Which was good for some that adapted and survived on their own and not others.

One last thing. For survival pets start eating other pets after being on Earth for awhile. I think it had to do with something in the water here on Earth. The salt or fresh water. I just do not know. Maybe those mineral springs?

Lost words found

Have you noticed words have gone askew? I ask you why are words gathering in clicks? If examining a bunch of naturally nature words, you may find these words. Trees, forests, grass, mountains, valleys, animals, or a quick grey fox jumping over something.

A watered down liquid theme will include oceans, drops, streams, rivers, fish, frogs, lobsters, waves and waterspouts spouting all over the sea of wet words. What I am hoping for you to observe is that certain words travel in groups then surround a thought, idea, or theme.

Thinking about pondering paragraphs and sentences lining up words. I would like to unravel some secret word clubs. Clubs that knock around a finite class of words that carry on in a boxed social or unsocial word gathering consistent lone ideal.

Basically the rule is certain words belong only to certain ideas. Excluding the, this, that and where and what from the merry-go-round of words. One may find structuring and building on the communication of words may cause some printed or verbal words to become homeless.

Therefore let us keep segregated words separate but firmly used in the proper context of the thoughts the words belong to and only that. This episode of words will cease to exist with this final period thusly acknowledged as .

Still Water

What would you do if you were President?

I cannot believe the devastation in Texas. I can believe how people came together. Disasters tend to bring out the best of people during a crisis. I kind of wish the flooding will subside very slowly so the goodness inside all will stay a little longer.

I noticed the President did get the proper help to the people. I also caught something that happened which got me into thinking. (Which my sister always warned me that thinking gets me into trouble).

The President and his wife were there as expected. He made some good remarks and was very supportive. The First Lady was also verbally supportive. At the same time. The Vice President and his wife not only had given verbal remarks, but they actually put on gloves and were moving debris, tree branches I believe. Seeing them doing that was very uplifting.

Watching them working they seemed sincere and not just doing a photo Op. I could not picture the President and First Lady doing that. Then again the risks of the President and First Lady getting hurt or dirty with tainted water is a big concern.

Plus I also wondered. The President has a Airplane, Air Force one. My question is does the President have a boat? Maybe a yacht or pontoon boat with a cover. It should also have a BBQ for snacking while sailing. I would like to name the boat Floatus, or US Navy One. Simply because it goes with Potus and Flotus. What do you think? If you know the answer please let me know. Also let me know where they fish. Plus, what kind of bait do they use? Thanks.

Red O Rick

Before there was a nukey bomb. When President Truman told a bunch of people calling themselves the Axis Power. Something about raining down animation and devastation never seen before. Or some words to that in-effect. The Axis group of people kind of laughed and really had no idea what the heck that piano playing U.S. President was talking about. After Truman played the nukey tune. The Axis people thought. Oh that is what ol’ Truman meant. Then the thought following that reaction was, “How can we get one of those?”

Forward to President Trump. He told North Korea to prepare for fire, annulation, devastation and other bad stuff. Or words to that in-effect.
This time North Korea knew what President Trump meant because they had one of them nukey things that they are itching to use. Kind of like. We have the ping-pong table. We have the ping-pong paddles. We have ping-pong players. Now we are ready to play with our nukey style ping-pong balls.

A nukey war, everyone knows, is not good for children and worse for adults fighting that war. Plus it needs to be mentioned that it does not help the flowers grow.

So while the world turns, words are being flashed back in forth in the fake and real news media. This news only makes sense to the people that like the fake news and people that like the real news. Although no one knows for sure what news is what. I believe the news is a spinning top toy that will not end well for anyone.

Someone once told me if I was around a long time ago. My neighborhood neighbors would have been the Native Indians. I probably would have got along with my Native American neighbors. Plus the Native Americans would exist in larger numbers today. Then they asked me, “Do you think slavery would have existed in that world?” I thoughtfully or unthoughtfully said,
I am not sure? I guess you would have to ask the Native Americans!”

So with a bunch of silly words, paragraphs and punctuation. That is that.
Whatever! Just remember no one lives forever. Planets will burn out and some will be left barren or destroyed. So, like that song WHERE HAVE ALL THE FLOWERS GONE? Universal Politics will always find a way to kill all the flowers, destroy all the adults and murder all the children. The good news.
The closer one is to the blast or the nukey zero area; the quicker the death and the least pain. If you want proof. Ask former survivors of nukey bombing experiences. The dead nukey people….. as always will tell no tales.

Re in car nation!

In the year 2552 reincarnation was finally proven to be true. Three days later ads for Reincarnation Lawyers began to pop up. These lawyers
came about to insure that any property holdings one had in a previous life could
be transferred to the reincarnated persons new identity/life. Even better the reincarnated person could carry on with the former name in the previous life.
This also began reincarnation laws being written and upheld by the Supreme Court.

Thus began people writing wills in which they would leave themselves their property or finances to themselves in the reincarnated new life. This being a bit tricky because it usually takes 5 years to verify just what new person or personality has been reincarnated. 5 years which is Birth to 5 years. It takes that amount of time for the reincarnated awareness to set in. Then add another year to get the documentation needed to confirm the reincarnation. So the process itself takes 6 years.

After the initial death all properties are transferred to the Hall of Reincarnation and can be there for no more than 100 years without a reincarnation.

After that the property/finances are transferred to the Hall of Reincarnation. There is a limit. One can only leave property/finances to themselves no more than 10 times in a 500 year period; without a 100 year no reincarnation period.

There is a cost to be paid to the Hall of Reincarnation for getting a Reincarnation Property/Finance license. This fee is a percentage of the property/finances in question to be passed on after passing on. It could range
from 5% and up to 10% depending on the when, where and who of the new life. Basically it is determined by amount of the final income tax filed before each death. The Death Income table determines this and is explained on the form RIDF 1 thru 10. Re Incarnation Death Fees. 1 thru 10 which is number of reincarnations. For example for the first reincarnation it would be form RIDF1.
The second form RIDF2 for the second reincarnation and so forth.

Usually one can get this information thru the “You Can Take It With You.” ads.

For further information on this Reincarnation Subject you can also write to
Department of Reincarnation
600 Granite Ave.
Washington, DC 10041-8080
Attn: Reincarnation Laws

Packet sent will include a list of Lawyers, laws explained and necessary forms.
Fees will be waived if one is a Mayor of a city, State or Federal Congressman or Senator. Governor of State or Territory within the United States and of course President and Vice President of the United States.

Please note:
If one passes and leaves a wife or children then reinstatement of family forms must be filled out. If murdered by spouse then the reincarnated one can opt out on reinstatement forms. SOB laws can also apply if newly reincarnated persons life was ended in a domestic dispute.