Alien TV Stuff

A lot of people on Earth believe in Aliens and Ghosts. What if it were true that there is a connection? The answer is a confusing Yes! Possibly maybe but a profound no followed by who cares. Regardless, here are the fictional facts.

Aliens have a live TV show that they play on their space vessels. It helps keeping them from being bored on those long flights to other planets, universes, galaxies or vacation spots. The show is called, “SPACE PRANKS”.

Borrowing from the Earth TV Game shows, they have stolen the beginning of the show. Just before the Alien MC comes on a voice says, “It’s time for…… Then the alien audience yells out – SPACE PRANKS. Thus the show begins.

Aliens do everything they can to convince the chosen earthling that he/she is living in a haunted home, castle, library, theater, lighthouse or forest. This is easy for them to do because they are great at not being seen and have hidden cameras all over the earth. A camera could be a door knob, window, home temperature control or even the TV or radio. They are big on hiding cameras in light fixtures and eyeglasses or sunglasses. They have a few in contact lenses
but have a lot of sound problems with them. The sound glitch makes Earthlings think they are hearing voices. Once in awhile they also use implant cameras. These implants are expensive and are only used if they have a good sponsor paying for the commercial ads. Yes they have commercials also but
that is another fictional alien secret.

Basically if the reader of this article is familiar with ghost shows and paranormal stuff on earth TV. Shown on these shows are moving objects, voices, knockings and also people seeing demons, ghosts, getting hair pulled or even scratches. It is the Alien doing all of it to get a reaction from their outer space audience.

To make it more interesting some of the Alien Space Pranks are done by Alien Celebrities. For instance they have their own celebrity versions of Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Stephen Colbert, Meg Ryan, Whoopee Goldberg, or Taylor Swift.
These are the hosts of the week and are involved in the Space Pranks. Some of the celebrities also write and direct the shows themselves. It is hard to translate the Alien names because they are longer than some Russian, German, Polish words. Usually spelled in a type of Chinese or Asian language symbol use.

Usually no Earthling is harmed just scared to the point of insanity. There have been a few accidental deaths unfortunately. These end up on Earth TV as
Cold Cases, unsolved mysteries or murders. The Aliens show these on the Alien TV as SPACE PRANK BLOOPERS. Which are popular during Alien holidays if a Alien sport show has been cancelled.

If you want more information on this I will be happy to make up a fictional fact for you. So. Maybe one day you might be on “SPACE PRANKS.”
That is if you think you have seen a ghost or had a paranormal experience.
If that happens you also could become a Space Celebrity and host your own show.
Until then your imagination can drum up more of what this show may be like in your own mind.


Open letter to a Closed Party System

Dear President Trump.

First I want to explain this letter is not anti-Trump or Pro-Trump.
This is just a Non Partisan observation from an unpolitical nobody.
A nobody born in America and being drowned by a two party system that
has abandoned the American People. A nobody that helped support the person
who seemed to relate to the forgotten American people. A person that would end the endless uncivil war between the two parties. This letter will hopefully
open eyes and bring back political incorrectness. A letter that will
put the person in charge of this great country, back to helping all Americans.
Regardless of race, color, creed or party affiliation.

That being said; accepted or ignored to the reader. Let me hitch the horses
dig in my heels and plow on. The field I plow is America. The tools and seeds I use strength, hope and rationality. The crops I grow sanity, acceptance and peace. The reason planted. To store cerebral food for future starving generations of unborn American Children. The horse used to pull the plow is named Perseverance.

This Uncivil War that is growing the weeds to kill all future crops. This has
got to stop. The weeds pulled and destroyed. Government is for the people to enjoy and thrive. Not to be shut down and starved by the animals born of dissent. America is divided not so much by the people in general but these egotistical party members.

Should we end the 2 party system? Maybe just grow more. Encourage diversity.
Widen narrow visions. Trample out the notion of Party first everyone else
be damned.

Good young seeds were planted during the presidential campaign. Unfortunately they are wilting. How refreshing it was to see a candidate stand up for the American people and not the party he belonged to. Then turn around after the election and begin blaming the opposing party with all the same fertilization
fed to the American People in the past. “We did not do it they did”. Plus more fertilization spread like: “It is not our fault we cannot get anything done. It is because they are blocking us from doing our job”. The American people waited for months to get a Supreme Court Justice. Now must wait more because
the cannons of both parties are being reloaded and fired again. Fingers of each
of the opposing party members are poised and pointed like swords ready to battle. So thus the war is renewed.

The casualties are beginning. People caught on this battlefield are caught in the crossfire of policies and orders. Children, innocents trying to
get out of the war and build positive and productive lives. They are detained, held prisoner, and starved. Meanwhile the Generals of both parties gorge and consume the battle plans dedicated to hate and destruction of each other. Other good men fall. Shredded then discarded. Depending on which side they fight for.

Meanwhile the press presses on like it should. Every elected leader has to go
thru the tradition of TRIAL BY PRESS. How they approach that trial tells a lot to the American People. Some newly elected presidents acknowledge the trial and move on. They show their true character. True leaders, in my feeble opinion, brush off this dust the press creates. They usually become strong leaders. Other leaders cry foul and throw tantrums. They usually end up eating from the trees that do not grow the peach. Then the weakest become Dictators or worse. Taking offence and destroying all.

Which path will you take Mr. President?

That will be entirely up to you. Not the press, nor the supporters or detractors. The way you survive this traditional test will be your fate and yours alone. Not your advisors, staff, yes men, no men, lovers, haters, or either party members. YOURS!

It was once thought and stated. “The buck stops here”. The second part of that statement was lost. It said. “But first the buck must be earned”.


Just another brick in the American Wall

E.A.T. An Alien Adoption Agency

My birthmark on my neck just lit up green then blinked red twice.  This was a signal for me to write another bunch of information about our spacey neighbors.  This has not happened since I crashed my motorcycle into a pick up truck.  Twice.  On separate occasions one truck at a time. What I believe is my E.A.T. the aliens put in my neck must have been damaged.  Somehow it was fixed by them or it healed itself.  With Alien tracking technology who knows.
Earthling Alien Tracking.  E.A.T. if you will.  Actually E.A.T. is not an Alien term  It was made up by the A.T.T.  Alien Tracking Team. It was founded by the C.I.A.  Central Intelligent Aliens who work out of D.C. or  Don’s Café in the state of Washington near the Seattle Space Needle.  Pretty convenient huh!

Therefore what the Aliens use instead of E.A.T is simply “Got One” or in Alien language would be…..I have no idea.  Still working on Alien languages throughout the Universe.  Some Alien investigators think all languages on Earth are Alien.  This is true because if one travels from country to country the first thing a traveler says, “I don’t know.  Their language sounds Alien to me!” 

How did this start?  A long distance radio device owned by the Aliens.  Boseo Speaker Co. reversed this technology that was discovered after a Alien Spacecraft landed in Milwaukee.  If the Aliens did not drink that beer.  The drunk Aliens would not have reviled their secrets . Unfortunately a Boseo Technician was also there. This Boseo tech overheard them bragging about how their radios were better than earth radios.  It’s always comes back to the beer.

Back to reality. The Aliens kept hearing about how Earth people like to buy, sorry adopt things.  Like cats, dogs, poor starving children, prisoners, women, men, vegetables, cows, sheep, tuna, and non religious people from the wrong religion.  Actually the aliens thought the Ancient Romans, Vikings, Greeks, Early Americans and other very old civilizations thought up this adoption idea.  It was not until recently Aliens realized there was money to be made in the adoption game.  The advertisement on TV, on Earth, instructed them that for a mere small amount of money one could adopt a person or animal.  The person or animal would be fed, clothed, sent to school, graduate college, get a good high paying job, become the head of a corporation and then become President or Leader of a Country.  Lesser donations would only produce a Congressman or Senator.  The non monthly donations usually only produce Mayors or lesser counsel jobs or administrators.  Which is  also another way the Aliens control politics.  Therefore explaining why government is seen as unexplainable and  out of this world.

The Aliens have pictures of every human on Earth.  They also get real time information on births of babies all over Earth.  Tracking Earth people can be expensive if you pay on a yearly basis because of the unpredictability of an earthly life span. No refunds if Earth person expires during yearly contract.
Which spurred a lottery.  Aliens would pick an Earth person and the Earth person that lived the longest would make the Alien a lot of money.  The longer the Earth person lives also adds to the pot.  Complications arise because unethical Aliens would create murders and serial killers on Earth to increase the odds of their winnings. 

The good news is…..The Aliens forfeit their winnings and have to pay a small Alien fine.  Like being banned from the lottery for one.  If the Earthling survives the attempted illegal lottery termination. There is no penalty because the Earthling is still living and the Alien that picked him/her still has a chance.  During times of war once the Earthling enters into that war that Earthling that was picked by the Alien is disqualified.  Although the War Lottery  will let the Alien transfer the Earthling pick  from the Regular to War Lottery.  The fee for the transfer will cost the Alien which could be expensive because the size of the war is taken into consideration.  The bigger the war the more expensive the transfer.  Earthlings that are killed in a weather disaster on Earth will get the Alien  a reduction on their winnings.  I have no idea why.  It is just one of the lottery rules.  For more information on this lottery.  Forget it.  The lottery is on a protected planet run by very old Aliens that collect then disperse the profits to other old Aliens.

So.  The Aliens then pick the Earth person they are interested in.  Send in their Alien checks or use their Alien Visa or Discover Cards.  Then get a Earthling E.A.T. pin number so they can track their Earthling.  How do they get these tracking chips into an Earthling.  C’mon you know the stories they are Aliens.  They have spaceships and are sending Earth people technology. Thus resulting that in the future the Earth people themselves will unknowingly be putting in these tracking devices.  Earth people are already putting them in cars and animals.  Why?  So if they lose them or they are kidnapped or stolen.  Earthlings tracking their stuff can get them back.  Children getting these Earth made trackers are just beginning to get them.  The Earth people had to make sure tracking was safe for children.  Inserting the trackers in cars and stuff; then animals to make sure the tracking devices will be safe. It is another Alien agenda thing.  More cost efficient which means bigger Alien lottery winnings.

Putting the Alien Lottery aside.  The E.A.T. is also positive.  The Aliens like tracking their Earth person like a Guardian Angel.  Aliens can watch their Alien pick and get some kind of  Alien joy by simply just tracking an Earthling.  Some improvements on the Earthlings like technology and making Earth life better has also evolved from this tracking.
In conclusion if you believe or agree with this. 

I am starting an Earthlings Tracking Aliens club or E.T.A.  It will only cost $1 for the Alien, but you have to find the Alien yourself. Then install the device, any electronics store has them,  to track the Alien yourself.  So get out and find yourself an Alien so you start tracking  life in the Universe.


EChumly explains Death

Well I kind of sorta not really explain death.

Somewhere at sometime I read on a bathroom wall.  “The second you are born is life the next second you start to die.”  My first thought was how long was the person sitting on the toilet to come up with that?   My second thought was, “that makes sense, kinda.”  My third thought was, “why is the toilet paper in this big round plastic thing.”  Then I thought, why does it keep getting stuck and coming out in fragments?  Upon reviewing this I pondered the correct use of “.

In order to explain death; I believe life would first have to be explained.  If there were no life than there would be no death.  Also if I am using ; properly………. Anyway.

How would someone explain what life meant to them after death.  John F. Kennedy might say being president was a mistake because he was assassinated.  Then again he met Merlyn Monroe and had a bunch of fun with other women and was married to Jackie.  So it was not all that bad.

Gandhi might reveal he really liked fasting because the food in India really sucked.  Elvis may reveal the way he moved on stage was because he was born with weak ankles and fell down a lot as a child.  So he might believe working with disabilities and accepting them led him to a great life.

The way I am thinking is that, everyone will live and have a different outlook on their lives.  Gender, social status, place or country of birth, time of birth and other factors will ultimately determine all.  Upbringing or religious factors also should be included.  Lets us also not forget sex.  First time experience with different or same sex.  First self sex experience.  Just to mention effects of life with or without sex.  This is about death not really sex.  Although some people live only for sex but that again is something else.  Or is it?

First exposure to death.  What is this and how does it effect the rest of ones life?  My first experience was when I was very young.  Back then dead uncles were put in coffins in the living rooms in the homes they lived in.  People would go to the hospital and be gone awhile then end up in the living room in these coffins.  My Uncle played Cowboys with us kids so I noticed he was sleeping without wearing a cowboy hat.  I got him one.  Put it on him and then my cousin and me shot him with our cap guns.  My Aunt came in screaming at us that he was dead.  We stood there with smoking cap guns and did the only thing we could do.  We shot our Aunt.  That episode in my life did not end well for either of us.  Especially my Uncle because we never saw him again.

What did this teach me about death?  Number one I murdered, killed my uncle.  Number two my Aunt was cap gun bullet proof.  Murdered or killed meaning shoot any one in a coffin bed and you will never see them again.  Plus you will not sit down anywhere for a time because of Mother Sheriff and Deputy Dad’s punishments.

So did this explain Death so far?   Not entirely.  I have more to explain.  Death has been written about for Centuries by well know and intelligent philosophers that coincidently….. are dead.

I will have more to write later on.  Unless I die in my sleep or get murdered by a cap gun. Oh!  I almost forgot I developed a fear of hospitals even up to this day.


Mary The Jewish Mom!

I always wondered about Jesus and his Jewish Mom.  According to the Jewish Comedy Bible.   Mary should be a more colorful character than what is written in the Holy Bible.

The way she is written about is like she was not really human but a Robotic Type Person with little emotion until the Crucifixion, which should be remembered only every 33 years to cut poor Jesus a break.

First off we learn Mary was a virgin.  OK.  If her personality was anything like she was written up in the Holy Bible that makes a lot of sense.  I can just see this conversation:

Mary:  Joseph.  God sent an angel to me.  I am now pregnant with Gods son.  He is going to save the world and be the Messiah.   Will you still marry me.  I’ll be quiet and pretty much invisible for the rest of the story.

Joseph:  Ok Mary.

Obviously Joseph also needs some Comedy Bible help.  When I say Comedy I really mean more human or a more Jewish responses.

Like maybe:  Joseph:  Oy Vey!  What kind of messugania you think I am?  Well.  The wedding is paid for,  we cannot get a refund so ok!  Your still a virgin right?  Ok.  (My apologies not Jewish; heard the words no idea how to spell them.  Hopefully you will get my meaning in a good way).

Remember when Jesus takes off for three days and Joseph and Mary find him in the temple?  What was that?

Mary:  Jesus.  We have been stressed out looking for you for 3 days.

Jesus replies going about my fathers business.

Which had to confuse Joseph at first because he was a carpenter and was maybe thinking he would get some work.  After Jesus says this the Comedy Bible Mary should have said something like:

Mary:  Where is your hat?  Didn’t you have a hat when you disappeared?  Find your hat and lets go.

I am only saying I think about this sometimes.





Use less re-thinking stuff.

Ideas are not like snowflakes.  There are two alike.  Sometimes more.  Much much more.  Ok.  A real lot.  Inventions are a good example.  That is why the patent idea came to save all the confusion of chicken and egg.  Sorry.  Not in the mood to discuss whatever came first.

That is not what I want to write about.  I was thinking.  Why is it that humans will worship the truth?  In fact the search for the “truth”  has been around since ….. well I guess when someone thought up the idea of truth.   Seemed ok.   What bothers me is that humans are more passionate about lies.  Truth will be noble and a good thing.   Lies on the other hand need to be passionately defended to the death.  Truth never started a war.  Lies did.

Truth is liken to be a necklace of purity or perhaps a  backbone of religion.   Lies are  belts.   Woven to protect the ultimate lie in a holster waiting to be drawn.  Then the lie fires off a  bullet singing, ” I lie to protect truth.”  It is amazing how truth also needs to be protected by……. lies?  I cannot recall if ever truth protected a lie or lies.  If truth be told.  No.  You can tell the truth but truth cannot be told for some reason.  I think?

This all came to me when I just decided to watch a documentary.   I wanted  to find something to satisfy my urge for visual  knowledge.   Yep  my remote and me  thirsty for, not reality TV.   Just catching up on ……  heck.   I was wasting time and bored.

Now I am writing this to.  No one really.  I did also think that after 30 years of life humans start their descent into dementia.  Oddly some neurons spark some knowledge that seems there may be some hope.  Or maybe they are just electrical brain farts.  Old people do that a real lot.  Not just in the brain.

Like the one day I was feeling down and depressed because it was Monday and my miserable week was starting all over again.   My mother noticed my arms dragging on the floor and said.  “Hey!  Just because it’s Monday doesn’t mean you can’t dance!”

Ancient Vacation Hot Spots

A lot of people today are disgusted with traveling.  Long lines, expensive carry on fees, backed up highway traffic.  The list goes on.  Cheer up!  Here are some reminders that all these things are not so bad compared to what the Ancient traveler had to face.

Hey Marcus how was your trip to Egypt?  “Pretty good until this guy Moses showed up!”

Sign posted in Roman Travel Agency:  Pompeii travel now is 1/2 the price.  Free volcano tours.

“Welcome to Atlantis.  Free hip boots are yours for the asking while staying at our fine luxury hovels”.

Viking Boat advertisement.   First class:  Gold or silver accepted.  Second class:  Large animals such as cattle or Hose accepted.  Third class:  4 small animals, for example: Rabbit, chicken, or any animals recently gotten on a hunt.  Working Class:  Experience on oars determines place.  Most experience get first choice.

Ancient travel tip:   Travel when you are young.  When you get back you will be old.

Sign in Egyptian Port of Arrival for ships:  Sorry but the boat leaving Sicily for Cairo  will be delayed for 6 months.

If anyone should die while traveling with us, relatives, friends or self.  The Ancient Travel Agencies will not be responsible for reimbursement.  That includes acts of piracy or crew mutiny’s.   Any person born while traveling will be charged a passenger fee 24 hours after birth.  (Which also is the reason some cabins or rooms are named “Births”  on ships or other conveyances).

If you should come across any other traveling information  for the Ancients you can email me.  Seriously I will probably delete them but if it makes you happy to send me anything go for it.







God Almighty

I am not a preacher or any kind of religious type.  I noticed that there are religious conventions that always seem to say the same thing.  So I decided to answer some of questions that drive me to distraction.

Is God alive?  My grandfather answered this for me when I was 7 or 8 while fishing.  He said, “If there was no God we would not be fishing.”  My grandfathers name is Felix which means happy.  So why argue with a happy man.

Why did she/he die so young, in an accident or whatever?  I cannot remember the name but read somewhere that if 1,000 people are born there is a 100% chance that 1,000 people will die.  No guarantees how, when or why.

Is there a heaven and hell?  This depends on where you live.  What religion you want to follow and how much coffee you just drank or what drug you just took that triggered the thought in the first place.

Did Jesus really arise from the dead?  Not really important.   As long as someone believes he did, then he did.  If there is no one left to remember anything about Jesus then he will cease to exist.  As will Mohammad, The Dali Lama and George Clooney.

How real is the Bible?  Have someone pick up a Bible and smash you in the face really hard with it.  Then tell me if it is real.

Is there good in the world?  Unless you are lactose intolerant, ice cream is pretty good.

Is there evil in the world?  If you are lactose intolerant than ice cream could be.

Should Church and State be separate?  Church.  C h u r c h.     State.  S t a t e.   Yes they are spelled different and separately.

Is there really such a thing as evolution?  No.  We are all little tiny atoms with unbelievable imaginations.

How powerful is the Pope?  I am not sure how much can he bench press?  Find that out and you will know.

How can one avoid sin?  Never say the word or think about it.

If you have any questions that need answers just write me.  I have a lot of time on my hands and need a good laugh.