The Diary of Frank Annis

My name is Frank Annis. I have been hiding in the attic with my family for 2 weeks now. It all started when the world governments put a home quarantine for every human on the planet. The quarantine started suddenly without prior notice. The problem was like the game of ,”Sitting Chairs.” When this all started wherever one was is where they had to stay. Children in school were stuck in school with their teacher and the janitor. People in department stores had to sleep with the manikins in the windows. Baby sitters were now on perpetual baby sitting lock down. Gas stations had workers sleeping in the garages. The only real happy people were the alcoholics that were stuck in bars and pubs.

Actually I am a stay at home father. When this all started. I had just finished doing the shopping at Coscos and Sams Club. My wife, a school Principal, gave me a list of things to get. I had left our youngest child, Alice 6 month old baby, with our neighbor Brenda. Brenda is a woman of about 68 years old. She lives alone and loves baby sitting. In fact she runs a sort of unlicensed day care for all the neighbors. It just happened that way. Brenda makes good cookies, which all us stay at home fathers love. Plus her daughter that helps is a former porn star. We stay at home fathers have all her tapes. Anyway.

This came down so fast and being left alone. I just had to find a way to get my family back. Problem is if anyone leaves their quarantined spot. They would be arrested. Then forced to work in high risk areas like hospitals, Coscos, Sams Club, Walmart or toll booths making sure the travelers have proper paperwork to be on the road. Worse yet the toilet paper mills. I’ll get back to this later.

So there it is. The whole world population stuck all over in places they did not want to be. Why? Someone detected there was an unprecedented color in the atmosphere. This color started in Hoboken, NJ, and got the name, ” Eight Shades of Hoboken”. The United States scoffed at this name and uses, “Colors of the World Disease.” The colors quickly spread throughout the world making people sick or even dying. At first people thought it was because the colors stuck to them. Others swore it was because the colors did not stick to them. Still others could not determine if the colors were dark, light, medium or a mix of colors. Whatever, when someone gets sick or dies the governments counts them up and a pandemic of colors is released upon the world.

That is why I am in the attic. I had smuggled some of my relatives and friends in my home to escape the Shades of Color Police. The best place to sequester friends and relatives without detection is the attic. Well. Basement too. They are the people that were not really relatives or friends. Most were delivery people we could not chance to let go.

I have to stop now. The Shades Color Police are driving around the neighborhood. We got a Shades of Color Police Scanner the Amazon delivery person had. Until next time I can write. Be careful and be colorless.

Covid-19 or Corona -19?

Team Covid-19 fans are leading the Corona-19 fans. Or not if I spelled both of them wrong again it could be another Virus-19 fan.

To visit Nanna and Poppa or to not visit Granny or Granpa?

I think it depends on how old they are and how much they have to leave in a will. Now this may seem like a crass and unethical thing to write. The truth is there are people out there thinking about this. Not only that. There is a new crime show in the works called, “The Covid-19 Murders.” I think it may be on the channel with all the other crime shows. This is part of the America Has Entertainment Mentality. (A.H.E.M.). Just think. How long was it before a TV or Movie came out after 911? Americans love disaster and Apocalyptic entertainment. AHEM also loves war, horror, and dysfunctional relationships. A show with a single mother or father with children are usually, “Comedies.” Side note. I first wrote AEM then needed something more. I added the Has to get AHEM. Sorry or ahem for AHEM.

There is a problem making movies for AHEM because mostly everybody is sequestered in this housebound situation. How is a car chase going to work? If a home invasion occurs. Then will everyone die like in a Russian Comedy? I imagine, maybe, the big family stuck at home with not much to do plot might be over played. Then there is the children have the virus. Let us ask the Grandparents to babysit. We can pretend mom and dad need to get some black market toilet paper and hand sanitizers. A far fetching plot having a pet dog or cat pass it on. “Dawn of the Viral Pet?”

I saw a detective show where the inspector/police guy or whatever. Had a father that was an artist. This father would only paint forest landscapes. No matter how much he tried. The artist could only paint these forest landscapes. This is the same problem I have. I sit down to write about anything but this damn virus thing. I just seems that for now I cannot write about anything else. Why? Covid-19 is being blasted to all of us surviving this thing so far. TV, Internet, advertisements, cable, live TV, News, a daily death count. If one notices. The death count actually changes in real time; if one watches it carefully.

I live alone and love it. I have about a half dozen Grand-ones and a daughter that checks on me. Usually she wants to know if I have any black market toilet paper connections. Bidets are starting to take off and have a 2 or 3 month delivery period now. That wait is on Amazon. If one is lucky they may find one that is a bit more expensive that has a quicker delivery period of 2 to 4 weeks. For your AHEM tonight. Check out the book, “I was a Black Market Toilet Paper Criminal.”

My daughter and her children want to visit me. Not because I have money. If I die she may have to change her name because of my credit card debt. I have a mortgage and car payment. The cat is no problem. If I die and no one finds me for a few days. My cat loves eating any bug that trespasses into her home. It is the cats home. The cat just hired me to change the litter and feed her. Anyway! I seem to make great ice cream sodas. I am over 65 and in the High Risk Category. Strange but I have been in the HRC since I was born. We all have. I abused drugs, alcohol, and chocolate. I had drunken sex with strange people. The sex did not include safe sex aids. Blackouts usually make things like this occur. I was in a combat zone. The combat zone was by accident. That is another story. I have been in accidents that were so bad people would ask, “How did you survive that?” High Risk? Yeah, I think we have all been there. The next phase is wondering which actor will play us, in the soon to be released, “Viral” movie or TV Series.

If I am afraid to get the virus and die because I hugged my daughter, grandson or granddaughter. I am dead already. I must hug them. Especially because that is also part of AHEM. Ya just gotta hug love!

She Quest Her?

A new scratch off lottery ticket has six high risk people on it. If one name on the ticket list gets the corona-19 virus and dies. You win $5. If two names $10. If three names $20. If four names a twelve pack of toilet paper. If five names a pair of rubber gloves and a mask. If 6 names appear and die, you get a free respirator in the Hospital of your choosing when you get the virus.

The good news is, now for something totally different.

Bankruptcy Lawyers expect a lot of business in the next few months. The air is getting cleaner. Animals going extinct are thinking now humans know what extinction feels like. The more humans stay in the home the more cockroaches move out. Husbands and wives spend more time together as more work places close. Children see their parents more due to school closings and once again work closings. Violent Crime in the home has increased. The banks are starting foreclosures online websites. The Internet has gotten an upsurge of websites. Potholes are no longer a problem anyone cares about. Snow days are a thing of the past. Home invasions are down.

OK! So it was not something so totally different after all. Therefore add what you can come up with to add to this list. After all you got something better to do?

Flu Virus Quackademic

I hate having to unravel this evil viral note. More information, blogs, U Tube, news and billions of hands on the Internet are raised screaming listen to my Virus etchings.

Seems I have unraveled and now drip out and cough out my sickness.

  1. Conspiracy sneeze. Government cover up. North Korea bombs China with chemical germ warfare just for the hell of it.
  2. Experimental nose drip. An unknown government leaks out a black ops experiment from some secret place and labels it a virus. The problem is the government really does not know what it is or what it can do.
  3. Population control cough. Need to wipe out older generation and save Social Security; as older population is a drain on this system. The shaving off Social Security money for other purposes, by the government, got out of control.
  4. Attempt to assassinate Trump at that Largo place fake sneeze.
  5. Population containment hack. Government needs to control and isolate gatherings of people. This needed in order to reveal Government Secret that will screw up the freedoms of constituents in this Country or outer Countries.
  6. The Aliens from Space preparing for invasion sore throat. They got the virus idea from watching War of The Worlds.
  7. Illegal immigration fart. Humans carried it from somewhere to wherever they are heading.
  8. Is just an overblown fake news story headache. Plan to keep everyone from being bored. The media will get a financial kick back from companies that make hand sanitize-rs. Toilet paper was a fluke as people cannot differentiate Flu from Virus.

If there is a massive death toll. It will be from God because ALL religions had to close their places of worship. In other words God has spewed forth, “You want a Pandemic, I’ll give you a Pandemic”.

Massive Emotions

On observing two persons in a difficult situation. An elderly woman responded to them both with this advice. “If you have dust on your coat brush it off. If you pick at it. It will only stay on your coat longer.”

As life progressed in the history of humans. The brains of these earthlings began to unravel emotions. Positive feelings bloomed up and flowered. These emotions began to teeter totter as Negative feelings weeded their way into synaptic growth. Thus began the half glass full or half empty theory. The protagonist or antagonist, evil or good, or whatever amassed on this teeter totter. Thus, emotions ride up and down on this never ending ride.

Laws began to unravel to help curb the negative effects of emotional feelings. The belief, negative emotional thinking, led to negative behavior. Positive emotional feelings lead to positive socially acceptable behavior. The bread of truth was the mainstay meal to balance. What then would become unfortunate? There were many different types of bread. Alternative bread was suggested and laughed out of the bakery. The problem was the alternative bread recipe was out there. Truth on occasion became burnt.

Men and Women needed to harness these emotions. Herbal medicines, stricter rules, violence, torture, then science. Little pills filled with tiny ingredients flourished and the medicine show became ever so popular.

Eventually tickets were given to those riding with their emotions. God held the tickets in one booth. The Devil held the thickets in another booth. There is also another cheaper ticket that God nor the Devil sold. That booth was rarely opened.

Freedom of emotions. Art and writing held open the door slightly to let all kinds of emotions out. The trick to that ride? When ridden very high. The rider at the bottom was looked at as very low. The result the lowly would get off and the high rider would crash down. So then the term, “in the eye of the beholder,” could become, “a kick in the ass,” very suddenly.

How or will emotions have a final unraveling? Death? Afterlife? You do not have to tell me. You will tell yourself.

For the love of God

The unraveling of love. Love, a present from God, and sometimes deliberately or not associated with sex. The unraveling problem is the sex part.

Is sex love? Is loving sex? The term making love, what exactly does that mean? Is making love; hugging, sex, verbal words associated with sensuality, affection, sex acts and whatever one thinks love is?

The result is God loses out because men/women seek sex more than love. Cannot have sex with God. Can love God. Can love man. Can love woman. The seeking of love part is like playing tennis. Some times you hit the love ball over the net. Other times the tennis player misses the love ball completely. One love or no love.

Men and women seek more love from other men and women then God. Most humans love God one or two days a week. There are some that love him seven days a week. These are Church Services where a human goes to a physical placed to love God. Compare the number of Churches or the number of Bars, Social Meeting Places, online hook up sites. Just how much more effort does a human pray for the love of another human? Then compare that to the effort a human puts into praying for the love of God.

There is an argument that God is constantly in human thoughts. This can be true but what about sex thoughts or human connectivity? It is my belief the need for affection is a pretty strong thought in a human. When a baby is born the bonding begins with a parent or human. Bonding with God comes later. Once the human mind is introduced to the concept of God then…well this is a mute ending. Although the older the human gets it can be discussed God gets more popular when death is nearer.

Science. The proof is in Science. Theory anyway. Theory then proof. Proof which then rains endless drops of Theory that needs to be caught in oceans of Proof. POOF!

A Mirror Image Unraveled

After the Creator unraveled all, then life was lastly unraveled. Now unraveling will create life and unraveling will destroy life. The truth of unraveling is found in every possible idea found in minds that can unravel thoughts, ideas or cerebral and mystifying brain firings.

After life and the life of synaptic sparking. The Creator in one profound burst of laughter blurted out to all universes diversity of life. “Let the fun begin!”

Some heard this. For example Woody Allen expressed this divine revelation, in one of his movies, about what the Creator thought. Woody, if I may call him, related that if the living created could not take a joke. Then (intercourse) them. Internet, just trying sanitized in this story.

What unravels you? Think positive. Turn the mirror around. Think negative.

Prepare for the future.

White Out

The world is not flat and it did not start out in darkness. There was light everywhere. Mass energy kept this light going for billions and trillions of years. Then light began to unravel.

Explaining this one must think of a battery, sort of. After a time a battery will grow weak and the energy of it will make light dim or whatever it is charging will grow slow and eventually stop/grow dark. The vast light in the beginning began to experience black out dots as light began to lose energy. Light properties that went dark began to get mass as in dark holes. The more dark masses that broke off began to accumulate and these masses began to bond together eventually becoming rock like. Then after more billions of time. So called planets began to form as the universe began to grow darker. Remaining light sources became known to observers as suns. These suns were enough to spur life on because pure light was too much for life to exist. As in words like blinding, intense, burning or imaginative language for over abundance of light.

Darkness began to creep more and more throughout. This was the first unraveling. The unraveling of light.

No Present Time

This story is written backwards. That is how writing on the internet works sometimes. The posts are written in present time. The past blogs or whatever are read after the present one. This is no problem except the initial warning will be the last thing read. Which my be too late thus, there will be no time for the past.

Health problems that can be related to the unraveling. As solids begin to disappear because of what holds the universe together is not bonding. Mankind will be duped into a great false medical diagnosis. Alzheimer’s, dementia and other brain functioning’s will begin to increase. The connectiveness of the brain will dissolve. The brain matter will not hold together during the unraveling of the universe. Gaps will appear and false information will run rapid throughout the brain.

Elsewhere throughout the body nerve endings will end. Tingling sensations will infiltrate the human body and numbness will take over. Death will occur long before all the body is unraveled making it hard for seeking causes of death. As the unraveling increases there may be some awakening to some mortician somewhere on earth that discovers this. By then, of course, it will be too late.

Will mankind just succumb into sensory depravation? Will mankind just sit around endlessly staring in some zombie like state until the last unravel of matter? It is like trying to catch a ball. The ball moves the moment one gets near enough to pick it up. It will never be possessed ever again. Acknowledgement of knowledge. Poof.


Civilizations have come and gone that will never be discovered. The Earth has been estimated to be so old or young. This is further proof of the unraveling.

When considering molecules or whatever holds solid matter together. Multiple facts confirm that this happens. The proof is in how matter changes from solid to liquid. Then the liquid changes when it evaporates. Thus solids are not solid. Even a human body unravels after death. Decay can be entered into the equation of separation.

The final unraveling will be that nothing will bond anymore. Water will be gone. Human bodies will cease to exist. All matter will not matter at all.

This information is repetitive. The reason is to suggest and prove that the very idea of the instability exists in the universes. But why? What theory do we look to?